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Residence:Center France
Age:16 years
Quote:"Death is not a complete separation because the soul of the deceased continues to live in the heart of people for whom it was expensive ... ""
Signed:19.04.2010 20:10
Logged:11.11.2011 16:37
Interests:Naruto, Balto, wolves, dragons, horses, NoFace, Ginga
Images:211 (public images)
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Kagetora of the manga "Ginga Densetsu Weed"
No description
Lynx colored
Remix !
No description
For adoption of Dorosheva-E
Here Saturn, the OC of Metalaura, trying to catch a salmon
Bloody - The Monster Wolf
Bloody est un monstre-loup. Il adore le sang et se sang ! For the Wolfheart13 contest
First contest !
Me : Pinku :
Spiral The NoFace
My OC NoFace : Spiral
Me - The Winged Wolf
No description
Tora-Ge Familly
No description
No description
No description
I'm back
Hi everyone 8D !
ulvova susi -ReMiX-
No description
The Love of Wolves
the love of wolves
bright lightning
I have done to pass the time ...
Orange Wolf
"Do not worry ... Whatever the kilometers and the barriers that separate us ... I'll always be with you ... In...
Color me! -COLORED-
No description
Me and Pinku
Just a sketch for the time being. You can remix if you want
Untitled image
Random Art ...
No description
Lineart wolf -colored
No description
Me as a Wolf - Crying
"I ... I'm sorry for everything I did do, I do ... I did not want to hurt person ... And you protect ... Even ...
Dragon Colored
No description
Wolf Sketch
Remix please !
Léa The Ninja Wolf
The cover of my story : Léa The Ninja-Wolf
Red Dragon
No description
Power Star
No description
Me and You
No description
Genba & Hougen
No description
No description
Free Horse Lineart
Color please !
Free Lineart - NoFace
Color Please !!
Demon Horse of Sunset
No description
Lightning of Pain
No description
Ramdom Work
No description
Wolf Sketch
No description
Dragon_Transformation - References
Nothern NoFace
No description
My NoFace =)
No description
No description
No description
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