Not going to be on this account anymore, The drawings that I've draw on here are horrendous, going to start fresh lol. (:
Residence:My House :D
Age:16 years
Quote:"One moment can change a day. One day can change a life. One life can change the world."
Signed:19.04.2010 03:28
Logged:11.11.2011 22:59
Interests:I like playing sports, reading, drawing, and listening to music :)
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I got this from photobucket and edited it a ton :P
I didnt draw this, just coloring it in. Mark Crilley drew this and I got this pic from youtube. He owns it :)Im just col...
Random Pattern :P
I was just playing around :)
Breaking Dawn
No description
This is a neopet that I love. l know its not that good, but l think it was an okay try. lol
I drew this anthro because my best friend, Victoria, persuaded me to draw one for her. I hope you like it, and although ...
No description
Brielle By Sky Sailling (Owl City) Lyrics
I am in love with this song, and I had the lyrics stuck in my head so I typed them out and this is what I got :)
This is the first cat I drew, so I hope you like it! You cant really see it that well because of the stupid scanner >...
Girl that I drew
:P I was bored about 10 minutes ago and drew her. XD
emo teddy bear
I used a base, not fully mine
No description
Face :)
I made a face really quickly, like 10 minutes :)
No description
Not done yet
No description
Breaking Dawn :)
No description
Eyeee :)
No description
No description
Eye 1
No description
Eye 2
This is the second eye that I made...
No description
just boredd
No description
Ball of yarn
No description
No description
This is the first cat I drew, so I hope you like it! You cant really see it that well because of the stupid scanner >...
My D.A. Icon :3
I just made this XD
Cat Sketch (rough)
Rough cat sketch (cartoon, obviously)
Hah. 100% done on sumo. I was just bored. :)
anime girl *JUST COLOR*
I found this pic on google ( I dunn own it , but I wish I could draw like this on here. ) But I colored it in...sorta. I...
Another Random Pic :)
No description
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