Brooketrout97 I am soo sad now DDDD:> I can never watch TV again without wondering...
Name:Brooke. . .
Residence:A macaroni PAR-TAY!
Age:17 years
Quote:"Why do my parents keep bugging me about my hats?"
Signed:15.04.2010 16:55
Logged:23.03.2012 01:09
Interests:3-d art=D[ ceramics, clay, etc.] music!, books:3, SLINKIES XDXDXD!!!!
Images:117 (public images)
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doo doo doo...
No description
this went through alot, and i mean alot X3, off adjustments and filters with the accosional brush tool =] entry for -ju...
No description
No description
its a caterpillar with a cookie i did all of it ;D (but the face which i got help with from a friend ;3)
yes another one :p my 'lil sis made this one with my help i put huggle it in though @u@
im not good at titles... ._. like at all.
Awwww =u=
a prince giving a prinecess a flower ^u^
I was going to give names to these people... but i dont now any good ones :/ suggestions? Please comment -u-
behold the mighty sumo and his awsomeness :D (this is a remix :3)
I like toast
I really do X3 =P
i was bored and started to mess around with the adjustments. feel free to remix ^u^
None love creepy ghosts -_-
peoplw dont love creepy ghosts for two reasons.. ...
Monkey :D
its a moneky with a bunch of bananas ^u^
Wierd swirl
wow... i suck at titles.XD
Uh-Oh O.o
lol ihad to do one X3
This bunny!
has a waffle =w=
these are fun to make ^u^ because you can make anything ;3
the best group of buddies you ever did see ^u^
protect them! 'cuase you never know when they'll be stolen TT^TT
WIP-blue :3
yes its a WIP but i probably will never get around to making it better -_- so ya... get used to it becuase im prolly goi...
this was made in like 15 min. [you can tell ] :C and it was made even b4 i had a sumo account [P.S. i cheated with th...
first filter pic eva =D
i did this at about 1:00 in the morning [-_o] and its technically just abunch of random filters =P
It tickles ^_^
i no it looks pretty bad but it was a request from my lil sister =/ i didnt want to put it on but if u see her sad face...
-_- another one..
lol these are fun to make U:<
these are just so addicting X3
its a girl being kidnapped by crazy rabbits :D
Woot woot
i can party liak a rock star XD a remix of my hues pic and a art spurt produced by lack of sleep ;3; 4:07 yeah =w=
Butterfly 2 with extra sizzle :3
my freind helped me make my butterfly awsomer :D
No description
High Five :D
not my best :/ but it's still two guys high fiving so yeah... just go with it ><
Hearts c:
feeling happy c: >:U deal with it!
No description
Sterotypical unicorn
pink, purty, and made emoticon
I haven't really been on lately, thought I should whip up somethin quick :P
Hot an Cold
Like a frozen volcano :)
use ur imaginination
wat do thnk it is? idk just using sum filters . maybe a tree? ghost ? a demented mermaid perhaps? idk post wat u thnk it...
ribbon candy
its kool wat sumo kan do, like make stuff that ppl actualy like, [LOL nun of that is on my profile XD]
The randoms
lol this pic was made by my lil' brother X3 and he was like really happy doing this {although it drived me crazy bc...
thats my name, dont wear it out X3
were r ta kitty?
request from my lil sis. i dont no wat her obbsession with wierd things are but o well... her u go!
blue ice flowers
ive been workin on this for a bit and i think it came out pretty good.
i really like the center in this and i uploaded this from my computer because i forgot to save it on sumopaint.
um.. flower?
NOTE: this was not used with the symmetry tool =3 and i thin k its pretty impessive =P XP
...yeah 0_o...
yeah... i was really bored >.>
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