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Lombax pancake
I dunno.... I just love these little fellas! I just have to learn how to draw them... 100% Sumo.
Ugly red blotches
What's with this sudden burst of creative titles?
A WIP image I've had in my computer for... 3 months,maybe? Don't know if i'll ever finish it though. P...
Something I drew in school last week. LOL bad cropping,I see.
Title is self-explanatory. No, really this is a present for my little sister, she's been sick lately. It'...
Susiron's Meme 2.0
My try for the Susiron's Meme thingy! XD
Cloudy Fox
Somekinda crappy cloudfox thingy. I was really bored.
This is meant to be a school-project, featuring two of my OC's , Valitus and Julius. (Julius is the cat. :D) Valitu...
A pic of my Pullip doll Rose. To those who think every doll as a Barbie, or Bratz, or some other cheap crap, think again...
Ugly duckling
That's me. I'm purdy.
A pic of my Pullip doll Amelie. To those who think every doll as a Barbie, or Bratz, or some other cheap crap, think aga...
Amelie 2
A pic of my Pullip/Dal doll Amelie. GOOGLE THE WORD PULLIP.
...They take no shit from nobody.
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