leaving sumo... for a while :B if you want to contact me watch my deviantArt page, the link is in my profile ;)
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Victoria Justice
Corel Painter XI and medion tablet. Can u see the detail?... open in full vie"w" and coment
Kate Beckinsale (L)
Medion tablet MD 85637 + Corel Painter XI
Will Smith
medion tablet and corel painter :B
Tal Ben Ari "Tula"
Medion tablet MD 85637 + Corel Painter XI
Anne Hataway
Medion tablet MD 85637 + Art Rage 2.5
Stefano Tomaselli
Medion tablet MD 85637 + Corel Painter XI
Leyendo el libro
Portrait of Anna Marine's photo "Reading the book" in DeviantArt
House MD
Hugh Laurie aka "Dr House". Done in corel painter XI and photoshop for some effects ;B enjoy!! W.
Jennifer Aniston
Corel painter XI and medion tablet I change my signature :B
Fernandes fotoshó 2.jpg
Art Rage 2 + photoshop cs3
Rammona and scott.... i will upload a 2.0 version with a little fixes (like the shadows in the left side of the faces......
Felicia "Codex" Day
Medion Tablet MD 85637 + Corel Painter XI
Jimmy Hendrix lml!
Mouse + Adobe Photoshop CS3
Patrik Jane & Grace VanPelt
Medion tablet MD 85637 + Art Rage 2.5
A litl Jamming
A jamm whit sumo...
Johnny & Tonny
20 hours of free time plus a graphic tablet? here is the result.... John and Anthony lml! PLease john...come back!
A lil help to Ninjatoast
Hi! well, this is what i do : 1)Sketch :B 2)Made a layer with a medium color (2) 3) Dark & light ( i use a tool ...
Jamming Hendrix
Rock In Peace!!!! Medion tablet + Corel Paitner XI
Amanda Righetti
a portrait of Amanda Righetti <3! i make this in 15-16 hours 'cause i made the hair one by one :B Greets W...
Carlos Santana Jamming
Medion tablet MD 85637 + Art Rage 2.5
"John Frusciante"
Mouse + Photoshop CS3
Jeshu (L)
hmm... 17 hours (?) working in it... a portrait of friend :) i love her <3 xD here is a link for a little "maki...
PIcao a CLapton!
No description
Mi first Paint in Sumo ;D!
Mi first Paint in Sumo ;D!
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