Hetalia~ * w *
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Age:16 years
Signed:04.04.2010 15:27
Logged:04.10.2010 12:50
Interests:Anime/manga, music, cats, bishies, pocky xDDD All of my artworks can be found on my DeviantArt page, which should be listed somewhere here... gosh, SumoPaint is confusing... and, by the way, I'm so incredibly sorry if I don't thank you personally~
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Uh, yeah OTL;;
Bahaha I needed a new profile picture for Facebook. XD;; -graphics tablet + PaintTool Sai-
For a friend :3
So yeeeah, this is my friend's original character, Daiyn. :D For an art trade on dA~
Some guy? xDDD
XD;; I dunno, I was bored lmao xD
HAHAHA;;; GERMANY IS A MANRY MAN. And manry men eat wurrrrst. |D (wurst is like, some German sausage, I think. XD) ...
D8 copy
This is my original character, Boston~ ^ ^
Rainbow~ |D
I-I've wanted rain ; w ; We've only had sunny, cold days lately...
In case you don't know what The Game is... I think there's a video there. I have...
Well this was in an English project-thingo I did a while ago. XD;
I...I don't know. OTL
I know it's kinda small. There's the bigger version, now st...
I'm your biggest fan;
Did I tell you I like photography, too? OTL; Well. I like photography. *shot* I was listening to Greyson Chance's...
FFFF srsly. OTLLL Ohgosh, I was drawing a comic in SAI, but it froze, and this is all I had done so far ; w ; IT'...
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