HEY PEOPLES ik that i havent been on in like a year but hey life gets busy ummmm i think ive really improved :) butthats just me so whats been goin on with ppl i follow hmmmm i must find out
Name:Missie Twicket
Quote:""It's only worth fighting for when it's hard"-ME"
Signed:28.03.2010 00:49
Logged:14.04.2012 05:54
Interests:drawing and unbelievably reading
Images:166 (public images)
Favorites:35 (for user's images)

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roses layed
No description
colored circles
No description
happy birthday Pancakes
i spent hours on this to make it look good partly cause i have nothing else to draw partly cause i thought it would be f...
Firestar wishing
I just reading a warriors book and Firestar was still liking Spottedleaf withSandstorm there and i wanted a meaningful w...
a jumping dolphin a ultimate stunter
a colorful bunneh
its a remix of 1 of susirons very few remixable pics of a bunneh thats how she spelt it btw
storm 2
Twizla Instantly looked at the sky but all she saw was some fluffy clouds. She chose not believe anything the crazy lady...
Im Gonna Get You! remix
susirons oc , sapiens chasing mine , twizla (i know its a funky name) Sapiens was drawn by susiron every thing else by ...
Random girl
No description
No description
Dream house
I want a house on the beach. As you can tell it's a mosaic. The mix of bright colors are to represent my randomnes...
sumo colony
No description
this is my favorite part I dont know why but ... it just... gets to me
melody feather
No description
No description
No description
hand puppets
No description
melody feathers request its her own teen titan
If you need a title for this picture, you might have problems...
my avalon jewel 2
this one is better than first one but still not as good as i imagined which is where purple crystal fades into clear pur...
kitty kats
No description
Sorry that im not skilled enuf to freedraw which i think makes it worse than my pencil drawings but its good enuff
winkie face
No description
No description
while bored
No description
rose jewel bracelet
Melodyfeather this is my avalon jewel but my vision was better
keep moving forward
No description
swirlie flower
No description
No description
No description
Lone figure
No description
No description
The bathtup sea
No description
antique flower
Pretty huh?
Hypnotist sabatoge
A bunch of swirlies
A bunch of swirlies
antique design
simply DIVINE I was bored
pouty kid
No description
layers of fire
No description
No description
colored tin flower
No description
neon turtle
No description
maroon flower
No description
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