Designing chess pieces
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The Fairy Queen and the Dragon's Egg
Fully colored version of the fairy queen. Mostly in Photoshop. My gallery also has this one with just the line art.
Kumiho Sketch
A kumiho is a nine-tailed fox who can turn into a woman. Sometimes the woman has been hurt or wronged and she is seekin...
Baby Dino
Hey, what's that bright thing?
Phoenix Sketch
This is a quick sketch to work out how I might draw a phoenix for a kid's card game. What do you think?
Final Phoenix
Here's the finished version of the Phoenix that I posted earlier. I drew it in ink and then did colors on the comp...
Menaka Dances for Vishwamitra
Another illustration for the kid's card game. Menaka is a creature called an Apsara. In Hindu stories Apsaras are...
Squid Chasing Gouda and Grapes
Why, what did you think it was?
Circle to Ball
How to draw a sphere from a circle. Just some basic tricks.
This sad little guy lives in the hemlock forests of Pennsylvania. Squonks are sad because their skin doesn't fit r...
Tai Tree
An illustration class assignment - it's a tree representing the Yin-Yang symbol.
Doodled Doods
Symmetry tool experiments
No description
This is a drawing I did for a kid's card game of an Apsara - a handmaiden for Indra in Indian tales.
Naga Sketch
Nagas are snake spirits/gods in Hindu and Buddhist tradition. One of them protected the Buddha as he meditated. Anothe...
They're from the Arabian Nights. Half a person, they hop as fast as most men can run. Their tail helps them balan...
Unicorn Ink Drawing
After doing the pencil version I started inking. For the unicorn and some of the trees I used a brush-pen - a brush wit...
Ink drawing of an earlier sketch. Colors to come.
FairyQueen - Ink
This is the line art for the Fairy Queen for my card game. Next come colors, though it may take a while.
I'm working on an iPad chess game with a friend. He's doing the programming and I'm doing the art. This...
Unicorn Pencil Drawing
This is the first stage in the drawing for the unicorn card in a card game. I used a model horse and got reference for ...
The Sky Stared Back
We heard a noise in our minds - we stared up into the sky, and the sky stared back.
Let's not make him more angry, OK?
This is a picture in the style called Art Nouveau. It was popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's.
I'm working on an iPad chess game with a friend. He's doing the programming and I'm doing the art. This...
I'm working on an iPad chess game with a friend. He's doing the programming and I'm doing the art. This...
Aerialist II
A sequel to another digital painting. This is an Art Nouveau style, colored with Photoshop
Celtic Tree
I'm learning to do Celtic knotwork and drew it as a tree for practice.
An Art-Nouveau style painting of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I used watercolor pencils to color it, something I&#...
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