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these two are my warrior cat OCs
Rusty Hunting a mouse
ok, the paint bucket tool wasn't working so i could't color in Rusy or the mouse but its my best BGpic
My brother
i made up da name and i rushed and i know its ugly so i dun care
this is a riolu
Ray the rilou
this is my riolu form
Wolf and Dog
i didnt try to draw good, and i just wanted to sest the symitry thing and the smudge BG ok well uhh bye?
Random pic of my buneary form Dusk
i was bored BOREDOM SUCKS
my umbreon form (one of them)
she is in the forest hunting (SHE IS A DOG)
Eve and Harry
No description
No description
BlazeHeart- Angel Of Darkness
yep, my warrior from is the angel of darkness
Angel o Darkness
yep, my warrior from is the angel of darkness
Matt the treeko
this is my pen pal from youtube
this is blizzard, he's my friend from its her OC
pic from google, my buneary form i colored
Abee using stargaze
No description
No description
firestar baby.png
No description
adoptables pic
No description
No description
Bluestar animation 1
a pic 4 animation
Random Cats lolz
i tried my best to make it look good.... uhhh the big cat is mad at his kits. his mate went out for a walk and he was st...
Fading away
somthing happened, this isn't wat i was gonna do but aw well, i'll do it over
this is the cat, Rock who told Fallen Leaves that he had to do the tunnel thingy, uhhh read dark River from the Warrior ...
Holly the mew
i worked on this for 1 hour. hope u like it ^^
Mollie+Swift 4ever
Mollie and swift are 2 of my new latios and latias OCs. i worked hard on this, hope u like it ^^
Whitestorm, NOT FINISHED
ok, i'll finish it soon...
ok, well, now im done ^^ how u like it even though the shading stincks
Bluestar animation 2
a pic 4 animation
Bluestar animation 3
a pic 4 animation
Dusk's new look
my new form
Holly the mew, Flame the eevee, and Pepper the espeon
Flame is my bro's new OC, Holly is my friend, and Pepper is my new espeon OC
Glaceon Sprite. REQUESTED
this was requested by my great friend Holly the Mew! lolz
Walk Cycle, frame 1
im making a wolf walk cycle this is frame 1
Walk Cycle, frame 2
im making a wolf walk cycle this is frame 2
Walk Cycle, frame 3
im making a wolf walk cycle this is frame 3
Walk Cycle, frame 4
im making a wolf walk cycle this is frame 5, not sure if its gonna work, but aw well! i tried!
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