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My last day on Sumo, time to say Good Bye! But just for a month, Spain is waiting for me and I for it. I hope I could be on the site, but not every day, it depends if I find there an Internet Cafe. I wishe you beautiful creations and much fun!
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Logged:29.05.2012 18:12
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Motther and Son
No description
Two little Yellows
No description
The Ferryman
after Edouard Léon Cortes
Eight apples
after a photo on Internet-made only with the brushes of sumo,with the mouse
A Hot Kiss
Remake from an old painting , done with the mouse in Gimp
Silent Night
Using the blues
Frida Kahlo's Water Melons
After her painting 1954, made with brushes on Sumo, mouse
Fresh chilis
No description
The Apricot Twig
a free interpretation of Georg Flegel's painting with the same name- made by me with the Dry Brush 1 and 2
My Daughter's Poppies
No description
A big pumpkin
all picture made with the wheel
Looking for Love
Red poppies on a field- a great happiness!
Eggs for the Eastern
No description
Fresh Fruits
No description
Some fresh plums
Please, you can take them
Apple Blossoms
Please, come, dear Spring!
Three Lemons And A Half After S.Mottinelli
done on queeky and here, mouse
Scandinavian Sky By Night - in my imagination
For GABY's Challenge Scandinavia
Still Life with Pears and Nectarines
made with Brush1, 2 and splat8 -mouse only
Italian Scenery
No description
A Big Abstract Tulip
No description
No description
Three Sunflowers - after Van Gogh
For GABY's Dutch Challenge March-all done with the mouse and the brushes on another site and on Sumo repaired and r...
Abstract Dream Land
No description
Another Poppies Field
No description
Friendly Dialog
No description
For all the deads and missed of Japan
All my respect for the dignity of the dolor in these days
Natural Ikebana
No description
Birch Trees in Autumn Fever
Dear LFC this painting is for you, I hope it is a finnish wood...With Love!
Fantasy Flower
No description
Are you keen on pears?
No description
WhiteFlowers after a painting by LeonidAfremov
For all the Cancerians on this site-Happy Birthdays to all of you!
Purple nuances
For my friends here
Redon's Flowers in a Vase
For Gabyconstanza , hugs and kisses
Proud, but alone
No description
Fresh fruits...
No description
Holiday souvenirs
experimenting another tools
C.B.- Portrait
done on GIMP, completed and rectified on Sumo
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