Residence:Over there!
Age:17 years
Signed:18.03.2010 00:39
Logged:01.06.2012 21:36
Interests:School, friends, family, sports.Generic interests :(
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got your back!
cat and dog
Echo is the main protagonist in my story (no title yet) She's reaching for an arrow! RUN AWAY! Nah, she's n...
Weee I'm on a roll >:D And the name for this one isn't as bad is it? XD
No description
Four shining squares
No description
:D puppy!!
my fursona!!!!! CUTSIE RIGHT!!!
Professor Piggles
Piggles: Mwahaha >:D
See, I really need help coming up with names XD
Ice trap
No description
Aliens are invading!
Haha I don't know XD
Flower Shower
Cheesy name, I know!
Its amazing how fireworks look when there stopped in time! Full view please^^ Taken July 4th, 2010.
Cutting through the woods
FULL VIEW IT LOOKS BETTER IN FULL TRUST ME Hey everybody! Just wanted to say don't get carried away because there i...
BA-KAW!! feel free to remix! :D
yet another background
if someone doesnt remix this i will be very sad xD
Curious Goat
Just a photo from my visit :D There was a project I had to do for school where we had to research goats' eating ...
Walkin' up the Squidy steps
What can I say... squidy is my fav brush XD
That's right ;)
No description
No description
A photo, I tok and edited I did not draw this!
Untitled Image
No description
Susiron's OC Wren
Hello guys! I know its been like a loooooong time before I've uploaded anything but I've been very busy with s...
Wolf puppy!!!!!!!
polar bear_image
hes my besty
thank u for the correct name susiron xD and i know he sucks but i had to hurry on this one i hav a test tomoro! :O
still working on it
No description
Sasuke failure!
Yea, its big-bad-mean Sasuke here using his fire style jutsu Soooo I drew this on iScribble on my cousin's iPod...
Black and white wonderland!!!
Ohoho I can't stop XDXD
Garden Spin Cycle
Reminds me of a washing machine =.=''
I was bored ok!!! Don't fav this- if you do, I'll egg your home, got it?
Negative zooooooone!!
i was gonna name this "Gosh, I don't know what to name this- again" but I thought of something, no matter...
Echo (colored)
I am very proud of this because its the first scan that I actually colored well haha :) I did it sorta sloppy and decide...
A remix of Hallbe's wonderful smoke bubble!
Woohoo this is like my fav abstract ever!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
Very big pic we have here XD
Julia's [Fail] Sparkly Unicorn
So magical! And... so sparkly!! This is for -julia-! I can't draw unicorns. Obviously. Haha its fun drawing ...
Just too much!
he's only capable of comprehending 2 cups of pudding at a time.
No description
Deep sleep
Reminds me of Gabyconstanza's sweet dreams picture.
aangel bunny!!!!!!
bored again and now i am just crazy about bunnys
this is a remix original by emppu
Summer Princess
Meet the Summer Princess!!! (Sounds kinda like a name for a barbie doll -.-) I was listening to the song "Po...
Red, White and Blue!!
Name says it all... I was feeling bored and patriotic XD Happy Independence Day everyone!
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