Quote:""As long as the world spins round and round, there will be money. When the world stops spinning, I will celebrate the day!""
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No description
Distortion World
No description
Quantum warp
No description
Mess Up
This picture aimed to have a message, but that failed
Worldly Catastrophy
No description
Spiral Matrix
A combination of spirals and a pinch of something else. Just trying to use tequnique of layers.
Swirl of clouds
Took me about 20 minutes, longest time yet. ;)
End of the universe
Well, I had to name it something. Either way, It has a more geometric approach that my other peices.
Another Backround
I will probably use it later, but here is the first copy.
Tube Volcano
Just a lame idea. Pretty quick, but I wonder if anyone found my secret yet.
Gateway to the Future
I hardly understand it, yet I like the effect. Quick.
Randomness Incorporated
More work to be done. Still.
A day in Seattle
Reminds me of where I used to live.
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