Name:Tylor G. Six
Residence:Niles, Ohio
Signed:15.03.2010 18:00
Logged:16.07.2011 02:21
Interests:Art & Acting etc. Girls
Images:19 (public images)
Favorites:21 (for user's images)

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Insight into my Heart & Mind
Melting a Frozen Heart
Thank Mike Hunsbarger for the effects
Random Man 2
Lemme Know if I Should Edit This
Damien Contest
Picture for Damien Contest for Zero0o0
Love is vicious just keep with it
Shadow Blender
A Background er somethin... I dunno... Whatever
Puppet Tylor
What I would look like if I were a puppet by: Tylor Six
Ty (Yomigiri) 2
Ty Gunner is one of the four main heros of Destructica Yomigiri
Love Lost
No matter what... True love always takes forever to forget...
Fire and Ice Combo
A Random Man
Lemme know if I should edit this
Rainbow Blender
THIS IS NOT FOR GAY PRIDE... It's just a Background er somethin... I dunno... Whatever
Reaper 1
Version1 Of the Grim Reaper
Reaper 2
Version2 Of the Grim Reaper
No description
Zero (Yomigiri)
No description
No description
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