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Name:Alisha o / / 3 / / o
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Age:15 years
Quote:"Love. Is. War."
Signed:15.03.2010 00:37
Logged:01.06.2012 02:54
Interests:Drawing on the computer, Cats, Dogs, Sumopaint, Hanging with my friends, Cooking, Kids, yeah
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Happy--LATE--VaLeNtInE DaY
I've had this picture on here for a while O_O I was grounded on Valentines day and was not able to upload it D: ...
So i was watching naruto and i just love the nine tailed fox so i wanted 2 draw a picture of it but i cant draw foxes so...
kit love
Young Love Free Cat Lineart by *Tesseri-Shira (NOT MINE ONLY LINE ART FROM DEVIANTART.COM NOT MINE) http://tesseri-shira...
Silverstreams death
FINALLY FINISHED!!! After what? Two months? I'm not to proud of the way this turned out mostly because of the ba...
LOTS OF REF USED ON THE DRESS D: OMG this took 4 EVA and it looks terrible DX Saphira © Doggoneitdewd Art...
Rainbow is my fursona i would like for people to remix and credit to me plz hope u like her :)
Im in a computer
I got the origianl idea from melodyfeather :3
Feathertails Death
SPOILER!!!! Feathertail died saving crowpaw (Crowfeather) From sharptooth :( Finished! Redo of:
Request from Susiron I luff you!!! I loved your Fursona TOO much and i had to draw her NOW! Melly © Susrion Art...
The Give Away
First "big" Warrior Cats Picture in a while. I've noticed I've been drawing Anime/requests of other ...
No description
Tigerstar Chibi?
Well i drew a pic of tigerstar saying he is a fighter lol :3 hope u like please fave :3
Toothless (C)Dreamworks
Mikey fell.JPG
Lol Mikey Fell :3 Drawn on SAI Mikey/Michael © Firestar101
No description
Sorry That I'm Not Perfect
I'm okay o w ob No need To worry Just Apologizing to my mom For not being "Perfect"
Commission with FurRealFriends
Commission with furrealfriends on DeviantART. Rainbow now has strawberry blond hair so it was practice < 3 Extreamly...
Winter wonder Land! My new ok Honey!
Commission: Kiowakitten
This is a commission for kiowakitten on Deviant art All OC'S belong to Kiowa except for the large orange tom. That...
Lola or Jaz? Ur choice! Sketched on Sumo, Outlined on Photoshop and Colored on SAI Mikey/ Michael © Firestar101 ...
Gir is from invader zim!!! I HATE invader zim ITS STUPID XP or at least i think so! Anywho I LUFF MEH SOME GIR he is ado...
For Falling's contest!
Before anyone goes and said i stole silvertails idea i wanna say i did not! This is Thistletail drowning i wanna give a ...
No description
Sunset Fanart
Finnished YAY!!! fan art of this :3 : . I love summieedoodles artwork so i ju...
IM DONE!!! this is a picture i made all by myself and without a drawng pad !!!! hope you love it please comment :D:D:D
Request from Cheetahstar/////////////////////////// Cheetahstar © Cheetahstar. Art © Me
No description
Rainbow and trouble comic page 1
True story. This happened between melodyfeather and I except there was not a real goldfish involved and yeah. Don't...
Weird Kitty
:3 yeah kinda board
in the back ground it says "The williow will ride the wind alnog with other gental breezes carry her on. They are t...
FINNISHED!Name: Naida Reference: IDK this pic? History: Was abondoned when a pup and she is sweet but is mean when i...
Rainbows Friend. They have been friends when they where younger. Mikey left and they had not seen each other in years. A...
kinda fake scene cus i forgi=ot about cloudtail
yep took awhile i have a ref 4 the pose my cusions help me make it hpe u guys like :3
Im really proud of this picture and i really like the shading so i ask if you would please Fav this
Blackstar and his Taco!
I have a new look for shame YAY! i used firelights outline for this picture
Trouble Dont Hate
Mehh. Request from melodyfeather &#9829; Some girl was hating on her in school. Don't Hate *nod* Hope y'al...
Shine and Silver
Hey this kinda like a thank you for Shine :3 THANKS SILVERTAIL!
Well i was just gunna put a picture of him but i disided to eye-ball the picture here is the priginal picture http://www...
Crowfur's death
redo of
Art trade with Summieedoodle ^u^ AHHH I LOVE IT!
Halloween pup
Finnished C: Anyone wanna have an arttrade?
No description
Rainbow refrence sheet
I thought it was time to update this X33
FULL VIEW PLEASE Ciel from black butler. I used a reference because at first I was like okay I'll try this by m...
Sweet revenge
okay guys = w =b this is a picture of Stargod and my OC stevey. To put into short words he kissed Stevey to get rev...
Tigerstar's death
Scourge kicked hims butt at a game! AHH and thats how tigerstar died ;)
I made this for my friend this was made on photo shop ememnts 5 i think but yeah it was made on photoshop hope you like...
:3 Williowwind © Melodyfeather Art © me
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