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Saw Kung Fu Panda 2 TWICE!! LORD SHEN FTW!!
nila the
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Quote:"The Love in the Begining is the Betrayal at the End"
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Snowy Grey Winter
An Idea of a place my character thinks is Ideal to her...A perfect paradise...
Alice in Wonderland
I did this when I was in Palm Springs.
Dotz & Fuzz
I was bored and worked on this for about 30 minutes!! Motivation and energized by Alejandro-Lady GaGa
This is Corason..A barn owl from the Wild Bird Center up in palm Springs....She is an imprint bird which means she does ...
Owl Collage W.I.P
this took forever to do and is still in progress.A Barn Owl Collage and may include a Great Horned Owl...Can you find th...
Falling in Darkness...
Song:Break my Fall/Breaking Benjamin
Nila 2011
So This i think will be Nila's new look. Over the past month,she has become a bit more vicious.....And she is not f...
School Beaten Nila
Poor Nila got beaten up by school kids in High School
I drew this on paper (i can work scanner now) and stared at Bleach Vol.22 pg.53 for about 2 hours...These were my result...
Dream Art pt.1
I saw this in my dream and its my escape from the waking world..Better known as the Gray World but is now a something di...
Chibi Rabbit
Run for your Life
Dash forward past every fire...Run away from the danger emerging.. Too much to handle...Too much to carry..Drop everythi...
I see you
This was a Mexican Wolf from the Living Desert. There are very few of these peticular types of wolves left since humans ...
Nila Kiruke
Another picture of Nila I drew on paper
Corason 2
Here is Cora giving me a cold shoulder.....she was trying to peck the lense at first..! Then she started jissing at me.....
Peaceful Sleep...
This is a duckling fro the Wild Bird center...He is there because he was abandoned or left from the family he was in.......
Roja the Red Tailed Hawk
This is Roja the red tailed hawk..She is very mean and not friendly...she hates men...SORRY GUYS!! XD....But she is very...
Finch babies..
These were some baby finches i fed today at the Wild Bird center.....They are SO loud! but they jump on my hands!! XD
Dream Art pt.2
I was feeling distant in my dreams and I ended up in this waterfall like place. The waterfall represents thoughts and em...
LOTG Motivational Poster
Lol I was bored.XD
LOTGMotive Poster
If youve seen this movie,then u know what i mean.XD
What Is Blood
...It's a red substance that keeps us alive...
Nila Kiruke
I drew this on paper and decided to give Nila an Arrancar type look (from bleach) This is probably one of the greatest p...
Nila in Action
Drew by hand. I made this to show how much action I can add in a comic...but this one wasn't that great....A comic...
The move is from BLEACH...I wanted to draw a big blast at the moment....
Duck Duck
This is Duck Duck the duck...She lives at the Wild Bird center because of her broken wing as you can see....Shes very fr...
This is a collage that i worked on for an hour or so...representiing me and this year...Some good some bad...Its time to...
W.I.P A Different Love
Its goignt o be a picture of a Fox and a Cat :3
This was a coyote from a zoo up in La Quinta,CA called the Living Desert. He is quite a cute little guy.:3 I love his f...
Distant Curiousity
I was at the Living Desert a while ago and this Condor/Vulture was inside a bird room and it kinda hopped away but kept...
I love Animals
I love Nature and I LOVE animals. Anytime there is either a roller coaster or a petting zoo-I choose the petting zoo. No...
I was messin around with my tablet finally and ecided to draw my pal(Bramblestar5)'s character.:D I was gonna try t...
This is aone of my friends characters named Gas Cat. He is a gasoline lovin cat who happens to always be around fire and...
A Million Miles
I just used the perspective tool over n over n over again and just made this crud.XD
Your Fortune
This was some fanart of Lord Shen and Soothsayer from Kung Fu Panda 2.:D and also Nila.She is watching Soothsayer tellin...
Lord Shen
Nila Shocked
Nila shocked about something that just happened.
Nila-Dragon Print
No description
Nila Kiruke
video picture on Youtube...
A wolf named Gray
Rez Logo
My new characters logo---Next is HIS picture
Swit Fox
This was a picture that my Nana took while we were at the Living Desert. I just found it in some picture files.:D
Pray for Japan
As you all know,Japan was struck by an earthquake and a tsunami. This is a little poster design im going to make on butt...
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