Chao ledres
Residence:Ghost Town , United States :D
Age:18 years
Quote:"the mirror isn't always right, don't bother trusting it . x3"
Signed:14.03.2010 02:15
Logged:15.10.2010 15:44
Interests:art, anime, chibi, friends, FOOD. xD.
Images:41 (public images)
Favorites:50 (for user's images)

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Gaara Chibi :3
lol. originally from google, i just colored it :3. did a lousy job
ROBO-meo && DROI-liette
maybe the best i have done :). lmao. for me. not really perfect though :3 took me max 30 mins to make this.
Smile to everything
Friend Picture :D
-phew- took me about 2 hours to make. and first time drawing on pc using mouse. im tired xD. being sick gives me extr...
Haru chan
My pet on tinierme. :D which i gave away to my cousin
i forgot how to make a background for this :o
Sunlight is bright
don't stare to the sun! D:
A Japanez Warrior
:D I'm a ninja, it's your b-day
I dont like the dress that much :/
Starry Night
supposed to be Vanilla Twilight by Owl City . XD
Tinierme Valentines Ball :D
this night was soo fun :D
Mechanical Ballerina
:D 2nd robot art.
No description
For SparrowFeather's Contest
Song: The Saltwater Room- Owl City With your ear to a seashell You can hear the waves in underwater caves As if you...
School girl ^o^
tried Pelboy's tutorial
fire :D. very first artwork on sumo
by sis again :3
my sis's very first sumo paint use.
SOLA. :) beach-y colors
can't wait for summer <3
by sis :D
Dead Mime
woot :D. random snuff! xD
Owl City :D
owl city xD. another Random-allow :)
Under the Cherry Blossom Tree
aww. its soo romantic and cute ^^
:D robo pig
First Autumn
edited on it's my first experience on fall :3
I've been tagged :)
No description
Wine red eyes.
umm how do u make the eyes glossy?
We are awesome! :D
found this somewhere on the net :D. i just remixed it and. the chalkboard idea was from Demeter
Chicken Fail! xD
It's Demeter on a blue dress and me on a violet one. XD.
No description
doooodle. :3
Come to me..
i saw a picture and decided to make a remix of it. :P (forgot what it was) so yea, i revised the look.
Self-portrait of my mom. ha ha. well kinda
The Randoms
:P. trying to make OCs but failed
Tree of beauty.
this is too hard to color using the touchpad xD ill color this when i get a tablet.
Evil Goustav
for Demeter. :D 4/09/10 ( Goustav looks fat)
Ugly Elf
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