I'M BACK PEOPLE. Just because I was really lonely since Sumo was down. ;U; Anyone know what happened?
Name:Silvertail or Silver (female)
Age:14 years
Quote:"Life will only go by you once. Have no regrets and live everyday to your fullest, because, once one has died, they will never stand on the earth's ground again."
Signed:11.03.2010 01:48
Logged:14.05.2012 19:21
Interests:Hobbies:Singing, Dancing, Violin, Drawing, Guitar, Gymnastics, Writing Books, Collecting Stuffed Animals Likes:Cats, Violin, Japaness Music, Tennis, Watching Anime (Shugo Chara, Mermaid Melody, Prince of Tennis, Ultra Maniac, ect)
Images:167 (public images)
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Awww. Everyone loves a cute Chibi Miku right? Well anyways I think the hair really failed. So did the eyes, face, mout...
Winged Cat Outline
I'm going to be use it for my pic, but feel free to color it in! ^^
This is for Falling's contest! It's Silver (me) drowning. I hopw you like it!
Moon - Okami Form
Note: A reference was used! Please don't say any bad comments about me coping or tracing! The reference belongs to ...
This is Star in real life (not really)
Sapphirestar (Request)
This is a request from Frostbite! ^^ I had a lot of fun making this. And I think the backround turned out great! :DDD I ...
Moon's Past
I hope you like! X3 I personally LOVED how it turned out! X333 His Past: In Moon's world, his mother and father...
I'm done! >:D I'm really proud of this! It took me ages to draw and a fer more hours to color. Anyways, ho...
Kohaku River (COLORED!)
It's Kohaku River (or Haku) from the movie Spirited Away! :D I finally finished it! X3 Last time I forgot to add ...
Pocky. XD
It's the truth. o3o Done in Paint again. XD I think I'm starting to like paint. o3o
Request (XxxwherewolfxxX)
Yes! Finally done! X3 I really like how this one turned out! :DDD I hope you like it XxxwherewolfxxX! Speedpaint of it w...
For Nightwing! it took me a long time to do the wing! But it turned out great! :D I hope you like it! :DDD
XD Some thing I got from youtube. I did draw it but I got ispired by the video "Firestar gets his nine lives" ...
Why do we keep the ranging storm....inside ourselves? Friends are there to help when your down. But we almost never tell...
It's Ammy (Amaterasu) From the game Okami. I hope you like! (cause I really screwed up on this. :P)
Leaders in the Bloodclan Battle
Yes, I know Blackstar wasn't a leader yet, but still. From left to right: Leopardstar, Firestar, Tallstar, Blackfoo...
Don't be Afraid to Show Your True Colors...
I really don't know. XD Took me 10 min. XD LOL Just kinda playing with the brush effects. :3 I hope you like! ^^
A pic that Is going to be in the opening of all my vids. on YouTube.
This is coloerd! Original Outline by Xchloe100x. I changed it up a bit though. If you look at the original and mine. You...
Silver (Again XD)
First pic on my new tablet and program! I did this on Corel Painter Essentials 4 with my new Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet!...
My drawings over the months!
YAY! I've finally done one of these! X3 I haven't draw for a full year yet so....I can't do years...XD ...
I finally finished it-nya! Its Cinderpelt from Warriors by Erin Hunter-nya!!! I drew this for my friend Yasmin's B-...
Alice Human Sacrifice
It didn't really come out the way I wanted but I worked really hard on it! I hope you guys like it!
I'M FINALLY DONE!!!Dragon lineart that I drew! >.< I'm so happy! It came out awesome! It took me 3 days ...
....I really have no idea....what should I do??? D:>
Owlclaw (Request)
Request from OwlClaw. :3 Heres the Speedpaint. :D
Yuki 1
My kitty Yuki! X3 He's only 2 monthes old! :D
Neko Maid.png
Demeter's OC Goustav. Into ipod mode!
Thank you~ (LINEART)
TROLOLOL Haha~ I don't know. XD I was listening to Hello/How are you and had the urge to do something like this. ...
Silver and Leopardpath Caramelldansen.
Silver and Leopardpath doing caramelldansen. Silver is my furry. First apperence of her!!! Leopardpath is Lmchronister&#...
Thing for Miststar's website. The snouts too big. D:
The River Flows in You
I did this to the song The River Flows in You. Not that good, but it's the first pic I did that took more than 1 ho...
First apperence on Moon!
Yuki 2
Yuki again! XD Right now he playing with the new toy we got him. (We did just get Yuki! ^^)
Whitestorm's Time of Dying.
Spoiler for the book The Darkest Hour! He was a awesome cat in the warriors series. :'3 The blood was hard! D...
LOL. XD I haven't uploaded anything in a while now, but I've been practicing over the times when I wasn't...
The Cats In My Backyard
There was a bamboo forest near our house. Then people started throwing stuff into it (beer bottles, furniture, baby toys...
Cinderpelt! X3
For Firestar101! She requested it. :3
Please Adopt!
These pets are free for adoption! Those cute furry little buddles want to go home with you! But they also want to be lov...
iScribble! XD
Me and Pingolve doing iscribble! I did the moon, the cat, and the AWESOME FACE. Pingolve did the rest. ^^
Smiling Illusion
For Papermoon's contest. I'm not going to win, but entered for the heck of it. :P Yeah....I had a pretty s...
Edit!: I'm going to be doing the slideshow t this song. Try to make it t...
Kohaku River (Haku)
Kohaku River from the movie, Spirited Away! :D I loved the movie and suddenly deiced to make fanart for it! XD Sorry, ...
Never say you don't like apples to Bubbles.... This is what happened to Cotten........ *sweatdrops*
...I have no idea...
Yeah...OC's name is Mango.
Its for my Nya Nya Dance vid. And its also not colored in for a resone.
Yuki 3
Yes, its Yuki yet again. XD He's really going crazy right now...XD
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