Yayy~~ the roomm is spinning...oh wait...thats ...not a good thing :3
Name:Nicknames: Mel, Michi, Chao, Bun
Age:19 years
Signed:10.03.2010 04:07
Logged:29.12.2011 08:06
Interests:anime, drawing, music of all types, nature, sweets and candy
Images:9 (public images)
Favorites:8 (for user's images)

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A Little Bit Of Warmth
I think I did really good on this picture this time :D I used SketchBook, which is an app you can only use on iTouch/iPh...
Hatter and Hare
This is my remix to The Mad Hatter and The March Hare- Creating a secret story to them, especially the march hare CX but...
As you can tell by my few pictures, I suckkkkkkkkkk (omg so many K's must be important, don't cha know? ...
Sorry my pictures are so crappy XD ^--^'' I am pretty new and I don't have all those fancy photoshop and ...
That Away~*
This picture was fun to draw after having a weird speed racer dream :D I always hate backgrounds so i got lazy and did s...
I <3 Bunniesss to deathh...I wouldn't kill one...I swear...>.>....Anywayss<3 I always feel like I shoul...
C.E.O- From My-Not So- Perfect Fiancee<3
This is prob me and jassy's fav guy >w< for our manga/story~ I am almost done with miyu tho~ :3 Drawn on S...
SN and KU picture
No description
Made this as... uh me? I guess.. as an OC, but I didn't include her with my other female Oc's :X so yeah :D
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