I JUST FINISHED INHERITANCE. waawawwaw my soul is crying.
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Quote:"There was a SPEED LIMIT but I broke it. And i'm not even sorry for it."
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pffft. Blue and yellow
Devil and Angel
This took forever and now my hand is almost numb ;o And yeah, there are a devil(left) and an angel(right). Or I tried...
Finally, it's ready! This took a really long time, but was fun to make < 3 It's Howl from Howl's M...
Bleh, added the background later than the person.. Not so great, but well :D aand whii~
I'll give my heart to you, it shines.
asfasd, gimp's effects rules : D just had to upload it, although it's not so pretty >w<
The angel of killing
Okay, so this is the angel of killing. And this has the most random background i have ever made >: D And, of course, ...
Neomonni and Tiltilla for Littlemissartsy's contest
Ah, it's ready :3 I kinda like those hats, but everything else is... something that i don't like. And yeah, i ...
... No comment
;> coloring was very boring, but i did it still
yeah, i was bored aand watched supernatural, so this is the result :'>
Ahahaa. No comment :')
"Little girl, what are you doing? It's dangerous!"
Okay, some weird little pic. I really liked it when i was making it - now it doesn't look so good after all :/ kind...
Ilveksen kisaan
Ilveksen kisaan, ja full view please ;3
A girl with a smile
I tried to make her smile, but... not nice
Angels do exist
Eh, this kinda have something to do with my story, and this is an angel :D I really don't have much to say 8)
Oli tylsää, synty siitä sitte inspis tälläsee :3 // I was bored, and then i got isnpiration fo...
Her name is Vivi, and i like her a lot. This really looks strange :'D
I tried to do something realistic, but her face is somehow twisted :/ Oh well, it was brighter but my scanner made it da...
with sun :)
Will you be my valentine
Whee, Happy Valentine's day! Or Friend's day, whatevar.
Blue field of wonders
<i>Are you, are you Coming to the tree Where they strung up a man they say murdered three. Strange things did h...
Well, eh.. This is Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach. I haven't done any fan art for a long time, so here is something. Thi...
This way
" Hey, are you really sure that this is the right way?" " Yeah, just keep going." " But there...
Whee, i'm bored. Will write something nice here someday. When i feel like it.
Eleanor, the princess
She's my OC, Eleanor. She is kinda fun character. Hope you like it. Yeah i like making bgs too, what do you mea...
yea its a horse.
Kyllä se hevonen pitäisi olla :'>
yeah, i was bored. again ;3
I finally drew a boy ;o I really can't draw a boy, it's waaay too hard for me..
so, umh, yeah. I really liked doing the person itself, but then... i had to do the background. And it killed me. And GIM...
Hehe, this is for Kwikdraw's portrait challenge - it's not so pretty and realistic as the others, but i like i...
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful field of green, pretty and tall grass. Then, a horse get there and started eatin...
Okay, this my OC made for Virusghost18 & Crossoverkyro's contest; I kinda like the way she is, and all, but my ...
Omg, it's Andra! I don't have the time to write anything. But yeesh. Enjoy :D FULL VIEW PLEASE!
Effect testing
:) i kinda like the colors, but meh
anime girl base
Full wiew, originally by Xxrenaxx ;D
Again some horses ;D and yea, i know that blackshadow thing is kinda unfitting, but i didn't have the inspiration t...
Welcome to my life
Hehee, made this with so random colors and pencils and all, and there was some text added to it too, but i removed it wi...
Can you spot teh bird?
asdfsaras. just practicing something totally random, and it was supposed to be an angel and a bird. I doubt that now ._.
Flowers with me
Im gonna write here something someday. :)
There are fairies.
Horse, again C: Horses are so easy to draw, and it's fun, and and all~ :)
I just read Eragon, it was amazing &#9829; Inspirated by it, I drew a dragon. I don't really like it, but s...
Yeah, i like the background too -.-
Ah, my new profile picture :D It took fifteen minutes to get this ready :'D
:D something else today
Lalala, just practicing to color shadows and lights from different light sources -- i kinda like her face, and all, but ...
it a gray horsie
nenenenenena. a horse. hi :)
Naturally yees
random again, something blue again, again again again. Bleh.
D: that surprised me, i didn't notice this until a while ago. They DO look like each other. Like a LOT.. Shame on m...
Lonely demon
She has no name. She has no history She is just a demon Demon with no powers Just an useless and broken who has o...
Lonely pony
Hehe, this is for Yangyexin's contest ( She's the lonely demon O...
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