I feel like a terrible person... T.T i was MIA on sumo again merrr...
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Quote:"I tried to exercise my demons, but they've gotten out of shape, and I used to be superhuman, but it seems I've lost my cape."
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from Invader Zim. this is for Darkartist505's contest :) THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR OVER 40 FAVORITES! i rlly app...
this is Edward from the book "Wings." this picture is actually based on the cover of the book. i liked the cov...
Pokemon Christmas
i was bored, so i decided to draw some of my favorite pokemon. they are very festive ^^
Walking Away
i forgot to say, but i used a reference to do this picture.
this is my fursona, Pierre entangled in his headphones. pierre is a sensitive, cute, emotional little guy so hes tearing...
Sleeping Fox
i am fixing this pic and adding color. it is not quite finished yet
Gir's Mini Moose
i love gir! this is a scene from the show invader zim. i added to paint splotches in the background to add color to the ...
Dragon Chick
yay! i like how this came out! x] i drew this today cos i cant do much since im sick :b
Christmas Gnome
hahahaha ok so my step-mom made me this little gnome for christmas so i drew him x) i think he'll be one of my OCs
Come Closer
this is my OC. i made him up entirely, but i do not have a name for him :/ suggestions are welcome :) i have been drawin...
Hidden Love
this was more a test picture than anything :P i didnt know what most effects and filters did on sumo, so i messed around...
A New World
this is my new world, the entrance to it. or well, a place. the tree branches off and even though you cant see it cos th...
My Self-Portrait
in my drawing class, we have been doing our self portraits. in the upper left corner is the photo of me my drawing was b...
Scene Girl
i have to say, scene people r so much fun to draw! i used a reference pic to draw her from goole images. so her desig...
lol i drew this during french class. its my fursona, pierre. ^^ as you can see, he is expressing his inner french-ness x...
Chibi- Smarty and Me
this is a little joke between me and smartiez101 x3 so i drew a picture of it. she is the gold wolf, and i am the white ...
for crazygirl1029's contest
Toy Closet
this is my art project. we had to draw at least 3 stuffed animals :) this is my FAVORITE drawing ive ever done! :DD i a...
this is my puppy, Bailey
the song is Goodbye by SR-71. the lyrics say " and now its there to see; youve forgotten me ever since i was the pr...
these are all my awesome friends, just from sumo or even from real life! i love you all! and im sorry its not in color :...
Heart On A String
song inspiration- Awake by Secondhand Serenade it is a heart submerged in the darkness with bubbles around it. the he...
Different Endings
Picture and story tribute to the Ghost Adventures Crew- Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. Chapter 1- Poveg...
i just sketched this even tho i was supposed to be vacuuming the house :b
Fantasy the Yoko
this is from my manga book, Rosario+Vampire. well, the yoko is from the book, and i based this drawing on the one in my ...
you cant resist pierre! he wants a hug. look at the face, hug? please? ^^ lol this is actually funny if you know me c...
Say No WIP
over the weekend, i saw a commercial where it was a bunch of clips of kids and places and scenes and there was a bunch o...
Glass Figure
over the summer, i got this little glass figure and i thought it was just soo cute! ^^ then, elly's crystal...
New Makeover
hahahaha akaash got a makeover xP his facial expression is hilarious! :D this is for you smartiez101, cos i know how muc...
Gir's Squid Hat
lol another scene from Invader Sim :P
Morning Rise W.I.P.
i drew this for my mom for her birthday which is on monday. her favorite color is purple
from left to right is smartiez101, silvergirl, and me! ^^ i love yous all both! ^^ (we are all in chibi form)
Happy Halloween!
this is my ultimate FAVORITE picture!! ^^ i love how it came out, and the colors and everything! x] this is my fursona, ...
No description
This is my new fursona, Skei. she is a black panther. yes, i know, i just changed my fursona about 2 weeks ago, but i ju...
Benton Shiu
Name: Benton Shiu Gender: Male Age: 16 Species: Male Mermaid Orientation: Unknown Height: 5'3 History: Ha...
Part 1: a Fish and a Key
this is part 1 of mine and winter's new comic we're writing together! ^^ benton&am...
Northern Lights
an arctic fox underneath the Northern Lights while it snows.
for 19punk. this is a pic of me and her.
Night Beauty
i drew this for sk8erbritt. this took me like 4ish hours to make
i was just bored so i just threw somethin together :b i looooove graffiti! :D
Crowning Glory
i was actually planning on doing something completley with this picture ^^ prolly my best picture ive ever made :D el...
i leaned back against the cushions. resting for a minute, i pressed my forehead to the glass of the window infront me. i...
The Last Something That Meant Anything
i love this pic.. :) can u guess what i tried making the rocks look like?
Rune, the Canine Element
(story will soon fill this space)
New Years
lmao if u saw this pic b4 i altered it, then ud know i completely changed kay's appearance. and gender xP this i...
no reference was used ^^ this is my first time trying to draw a realistic animal, and i am quite proud of how it can out...
A Sunset Dream
ok, this is my new fursona! yay! hahahaha i can see you now, smarty, shaking your head at me xP LoL his name is Akaash, ...
Sleepy Fox
this is a different sleeping fox. this one looks more painted
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