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Quote:"there's no such thing as perfect, you've got to set your own standards: your own dosen't matter what others think of it, Only thing that matters is your perception of it and yours alone"
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Liam and Sky CHIBI KISS!!
Buya did this shetch on iscribble when we were trying to figure out a new pose for Liam and Sky and WALLA! CHIBI KISS!!...
Love at first sight?
LOL This is my character Taylor and Buyakasha's character Mathi'ker when they bump into each other in a for...
Lineart by Tesseri Shira on DA! I coloured it, it's My OC Liam and Buya's OC Sky! XD
NEW OC ! i'll put a description later! Ok she is Jake and Liam's only and youngest sister! For Iscribble colla...
The New Guy
This is my new OC Jake! Name: Jake Age: 2yrs Gender: Male Orientation: Straight, Single Personality: He is lo...
The Battle....
I will be doing a series of battle pics becuase of my earlier pic "The Battle" XD Done on Iscribble with Purp...
Okami Chinese Water Painting! XDD
CHIBI OKAMI!!! I <3 Okami!! done with a chinese water color set i bought a year ago xD
Liam and Sky XDD
FIRST TABLET DRAWING!!!! XD I haven't drawn theseguys in a while so here they are!! XDDDDD Liam - Wolfheart13 Sk...
Left Heart Broken (remake)
Origonal pic done by MetalLaura , i just redrew it. I didn't rewrite the story though, here it is---- Kasumi (Geild...
You're not a big flirt now, are ya Jake?
Ok here's what happened, Jake was walking and saw this female wolf and said "Hi, may I ask you what your name ...
This is my new OC Nia, who is also Jessi's mom! XD line art was done by IceKrystal on devianart! I just colored XD
The Guardians of Ambala!
xDDD These are the top 5 guardians of Ambala! Damen- Head Guardian Piper- Damen's Sister, 2nd in command Haven- ...
I Won't Give Up
YAY 1st PIC OF THE NEW YEAR HEHEHEHE Anyways this is a pic of Hanah and Axren, and also my first attempt at a lineless ...
Riff-Raff Ref
I know some of ya'll thought that Kretari or Jessi were my Fursona but they weren't I just drew them alot and ...
One of Rosco's female dogs XDD Name: Jess-----Gender: Female Age: 4yrs------Breed: Doberman Height: 26 inches-...
Music Video!!
Ok, I'm making a music video for a song called One Day Too Late, and I'm asking ya'll If you want one or ...
Wolf Adoption!!
Just pick a wolf, draw it and give it a name and short discription. 1 and 3 are boys and 2 and 4 are girls. 1.) adopt...
Talon & Kretari
I did not draw this, just colored it! My OC Kretari and Neonwolfie's OC Talon.
Watch Your Back....
THIS IS AWSOME!! XD and it took me FOREVER! XP This is Wolfdog801's OC Shadow Lurker
Rosco and Jess
Pic took me FOREVER lol XP For me and Fatcats RP! XDD Jess belongs to Me! Rosco belongs to Fatcat!
My New Character!!! XDDD HERE IS MORE! ^____^ Name:Taylor Nicknames: None Age: 16 in human yrs Breed:Wolf Orianta...
Very Haunting
Metaluara's OC Haunt being well....haunting XDDDD LOL PUNS For our art trade XD Haunt belongs to metaluara Art b...
Hidden Comic Cover
My new comics cover XD OC's in the Cover are: Dagun the dragon (Buya's) Christopher the Phinix(mine) Finn ...
Bad Idea Axren!
lol, for Purpledino! His OC Dralos about to attack my OC Axren. Here's wat I think might of happened: Axren: Demo...
for Fatcats ShadowDog contest! I GIVETH YOU..........RAMBO XD Name: Rambo (prefers HellFire) Age: 2 1/2 yrs old Gen...
Dralos and Kasumi
Remix of Two Wolves colored
Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. You were in college, working part time, waitin' tables, Left a small town and never look...
ok this lookes AWSOME!!!! XD My OC Jessi in a dark forest.Done with SAI!! XD
The Battle 2
#2 IN MY SERIES OF BATTLES!!! XD This time it's Hawk(me) v.s Carrien(Cynder) !!! XD 8D XD 8D
Mistaken Hearts
MY FIRST COMIC!!! XD Ok, here is a quick over veiw! XD 4 wolves are outcasted from each of there packs. Becuase ...
Luke x Holly
This is Luara's OC Holly walking at night with Buya's OC Luke! XD THEY ARE SOOO CUTE TOGEHTER!! XD XD XD XD
Jessi and Zack XD
This is Jessi and her first love Zack, YEA, I SAID FIRST! XD He looks so loving and caring doesen't he? NOT!! >X...
This mix breed pup NEEDS A NAME!!! The top 3 names will get: #1 name- Pup will be named this, 3 requests and/or art tra...
This is one of my REALLY old OC's, changed up a bit XD (She was orgionally black and white, but i changed it to bri...
Nathen was Echo's best friend before she ran away. Even though he was friends with Echo he always had stronger feel...
The Last Night
This is Metaluara's OC's Marina and Cestus! Listing to music and thought of this XD Its Cestus's ghost c...
This is one of my new oc's that have been inspired by songs and such XD This guy's name is Conner, as you can ...
Me: you look socute!!!!! *grabs camera and begins taking pics* XD Hoss: PLZ GET THIS STUFFED PUPPY OFF MY HEAD! Me: NO...
Riff-Raff Ref
HER INFO: Name: Riff-Raff Age: 14 Gender: Female Breed: Werewolf Status: In a Relationship Siblings: Sister named ...
Axren and Hanah 2
Axren and Dillila!! (Guessing Game is Over!)
CLOSED!! Winners! 1st- Cynder109 (guessed Axren and his daughter Dillila) 2nd- DarkOrb3 (guessed Axren being the olde...
Alpha Female of the Firebird Pack
Jay and Kiara
my wolfie Jay dnd Wolfdog's wolfie Kiara! AAWWWWW! They are sooo cute!!!
(Thanks Neonwolfie!!) This is my new OC Icis! She is a blond Eagle wolf with white markings. Read this to find out how...
Neon , Kretari and the Munchkins !
This is my OC Kretari and her two boys Rawhide and Bandit visiting and playing with Neonwolfie and Cynder109's OC&#...
this is Fatcat's OC Torry! For art trade with Fatcat!
"What have I done?!"
Here's what happened, Kretari ran in to some other wolves who had helped Icis in the m...
Cute Family!
AWWWZ!!!! 8D Tetsu and the puppy are Chloe's OC's and Dralos is Purpledino's OC! 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D ...
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