so pardon my latest uploadings. they are crap, and i have gotten much better since. :) i do have better dresses sketches that are colored and like the pink dress, but they are all stapled against my wall right now :)
Residence:i want to live in Greece :)
Age:18 years
Quote:"If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. sirius black from harry potter"
Signed:04.03.2010 23:16
Logged:31.05.2012 16:56
Interests:reading lots of wonderful books, being with friends, shopping, watching lost on netflix, watching invader zim with my 5 year old sister who will then quote gir all day long :), taking walks, thinking, drawing, eating pickles, wheat thins & MUFFINS!
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i gotta say thanks guys for faving this :D i never thought id have 51 faves on one of my pics, so thank you!! :D:D
awsome tree
love the rainbow colors
golden gate bridge
yeah i know theres a ton wrong with it like perspective and veiw point and lighting and the skys not colored and the lis...
music storm
i like it without the music notes so if you can do better, delete those layers and create somthing fabulous!
even more designs
i decided ill just scan all the ones i do in case i ruin the ones on paper. hope you like these! my goal is to make 20 n...
bubbly flower
inspired by Happy Easter by Carmen1
more dresses...
big one from pic smaller one i designed.... and my scaning job sucks...
more designs (again)
these were really quick and i didnt spend much time on them at all. and usualy i wouldnt color them cause it ruins them ...
once again just experimenting... mabye i should start to not save these ones anymore...
Very interesting.
I took a photo and completely destroyed it( the background blue color) then added 'splats' on it with the spla...
haha made by scribiling in black and gray then using smuge tool :P its kinda funny
music storm 2 (in difrent colors)
i like it without the music notes so if you can do better, delete those layers and create somthing fabulous!
more random doodles
plus a random dress that i drew a long time ago that i think is funny :P haha
rays of the rainbow
personaly i dont think this one is good, so ill see what people think then if everyone else agrees ill delete it. hey, i...
Frail Nature
portal flower
idk its not done ill add more to it somtime... :)
plastic swirls
No description
Soft Sunset
i cant think of anything else to add to this picture, and i did it because i know another landscape pic is well overdue,...
Dead Spring
No description
happy halloween!!
made on adobe illustrator. not the best but it took me 10 min. happy halloween guys!!! :D
Random tree
a drawing form difrent ideas on line. the tree and birds are from diffrent vectors i found on google. still drawn though...
shining angel orb
No description
another dress
once again pencil on here looks horrible and this is one of my first dresses i drew so its horribe, i know. my friend sa...
ok, this pic is a horrible fail. i coulnt get the gravestones to look right an in the end i messed them up so mabye when...
Night Light
not done
Abstract Art Chaos
For Thesa's contest. hope you like it :D
misty morning
No description
Electric Awe
this was fun to make :D
more dresses again :P haha
if your not tired of looking yet :) these are mostly just for fun dresses... :D
Rainbow Moonlight
a pic i drew and then played around in sumo with
again more dresses :P and a shirt
so the blue and pink one was made around a year ago.... the one next to it is supposed to be a lightweight fabric on the...
Dark Lake In Ripple Effect
This image is for Sneaxy. You deserve so much more and i want to thank you for your support and dedication . i owe you. ...
Image from Friend
a pic drawn for me by my friend alisha. i really like it! i hope you do to and ill tell her that lots of others like it ...
paris eiffel tower
errr.. i know its horrible ill work on it later.... im fed up with it right now. and im stuck on this one too.. so like ...
for jake1-2 and julias contest
er.. not the best ive done...
i have no idea..... im just very bored :P
more random doodles from pics
all from pics but i thought they were cute or cool :D
8th grade drawing
haha... yep a charcoal drawing from 8th grade.. from the same assignment as sammys charcoal drawing (http://www.sumopai...
TIme warp
another filter pic
No description
Dark lake
ok who am i kidding this is as done as its ever going to get :P lol
at the lake
not done, my computer keeps freezing up so ill have to finish it up some other time :(
Lake at midnight
um.. im not sure what else to add to this picture so its just a simple peacful one :) hope you like it!
Time Travel
haha i love this its very messy :P
ohh ahh
wow thats pretty
desses again
left i designed, right is altered of a existing dress
Colorful Mess
No description
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