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Name:Naomi or Ami
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:You are a stalker <.<
Age:16 years
Quote:"Why pray if it would be faster to do it yourself?."
Signed:03.03.2010 19:49
Logged:19.02.2011 21:22
Interests:manga, anime, art, sports , talking to people, Drawing chibi's, Remix-ing manga pictures.
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O.O here we go again...
Chibi Mori w/t wings
Chibi Mori!, I remixed this pic *gasp* so it is A.K.A Not MINE!....Well I remixed it so some of it's mine but the o...
Mori in red&black punk outfit 1
revised outfit+cat ears ^^
A remix of my sisters's drawing...clored it as my RPG character that I love....Mori
Envy sideways
Envy from FMA :D
Chibi Sktech
Ono, Fav it? :P
Mori yankee
you know who it is xDD
A hybrid maybe?
A bird.....It's colorful, My sister said it sucks :<, It's pixalated now :O
Ribbon Girl half finished.
Not done yet, Im almost half finished with this one.
FLusterd Princess
O.O, Kawaii Ohime-chan....Kana?
Chibi PInk Haired Girl...U.F.O?
Yeah....she encontered a U.F.O
little wizard
Yup, she's a witch that I remixed....
Drooping Flower, Purple
A purple Drooping Flower...
Tell me...
What is this?
Puhh, Experiment.
Just trying some stuffs xDD
Toss ^^
Idk what this is....It started out nice but then I had a yellow+red fever xP, I did not draw this, I only colored it.
Mari's Avi.
my sister's avi.
Me and my sisterxD
Im the one in the red...and she is the one bullying the poor kitty... i didn
Yeah, xDD. Do you love it?
For My friend Fuji ^^, She requested me to draw this one :P
Im not done yet, Just gotta go right now.
Gloomy Bear
What was i thinking....
My RPG character Mori and her trademark Gloomy Hat! ^^, rate please!
The sun came over the slope!
rate please!, I could use help so post suggestions ^^
Phoniex Wings, or just red angel wings
Phoniex wings or red angel wings...Please comment and rate! ^^
Strawberry Neko!
A Neko holding a strawberry ^^
cherry's, in Low def
Red&Black punk outfit 1
Rate this outfit?
Red Eye
Red eye......Pictured eyes from my RPG character when she was mad...
Ice anyone?
freezing up xD
Angel black girl
Black never looked so good...
Schoolgirl sketch
a sketch of a schoolgirl chibi
Schoolgirl sketch w/t color
a sketch of a schoolgirl chibi
Chibi Mori
A chibi Mori xDD
Chibi Mori w/t color
A chibi Mori xDD
rocker girl....
tired to recreate a chibi rocker girl I drew on paper....I sucked....
Lucky Star!, Logo
Lucky Star, Lucky-Go-Lucky ^^
Garden Of roses Red and 1
Red rose garden ^^
Chibi Sketch
A sketch of a chibi
Chibi Sketch w/t color
A sketch of a chibi w/t color
YIng Yang
The anicent symbol of Ying and Yang.
My try at Gluttony From FMA xDD
a eye...
Sharp Eye
A sharp eye drawings :P
Red Knocker
A red Knocker
Shoe 4 the contest
for the shoe contest ^^
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