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Amu and Shugo Chara
No description
Tails the Fox
No description
No description
Gatomon (Digimon)
my first digimon pic!
its knuckles from sonic
Gomamon (Digimon)
my second digimon pic!
Tadase Kitazawa
No description
Yoru Chibi!
My fave anime character! Yoru is the best! and his Chibi rocks!
Tails as a Boy
This is what i think Tails would look like if he was human.
Mitsuki &Tadase
Characters from one of my stories...
snow in winter
No description
singing anime girl
No description
Picture 1
No description
Tiffany and Angel
Tiffany is the girl, Angel isthe rabbit
Untitled image
No description
No description
Loki, God of Evil and Trickery
Just an image of Loki...
Girl w/Dog Ears
Just a pic I drew on it good?
Tsukino, Tetsuya & Kakashi
My character, Tsukino, and the boys she loves, Tetsuya and Kakashi! Tetsuya is the neko (cat) on the right, and Kakashi ...
Heroes of the Future!
This my character again in the middle, with my friends characters. I drew it, by the way. The people on the bottom are c...
Diana the Cat
My character's cat named Diana!!
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