;A; tryes to be more aktiv here!
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Soul and Jikan
the left wolf is Soul my new chara (girl) and right is Jikan(normaly his name is Ayaku but he is the God of time)
lol I like my gray wolf^^
City of Silent
I drew this in Photoshop CS5 with my mouse o.o (right I lost the pen of my grafic tablet...)
Angel of Darkness
No description
Long time no see
I'm not Dead, yet!
Evil Prizer
XD I Love Sumo Paint, and I like my wolves^^
^^'' its Koroja....woho XD
Kairos Memories.
"Memories...are notfing but a painfull ilusion"
:D yeay Death my little Zombie Wolfy. Hes back x33
Forest of Chrome
my come back on Sumo Paint^^ but I'm not very often online here...sooo Heres Koroja^^ my OC
:D here she is....hope ya like her^^
Arcana and Shiruka
this are my sweet girls^^ and they are best friends on differend plases^^
random sketch
;3; that sucks....
xD I was I draw a ghost
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