Quote:"I'm a Sumo Freak...^^"
Signed:21.02.2010 06:12
Logged:27.04.2011 04:46
Interests:latin dance, music, internet, IMVU, livemocha, Sumo paint, french language, digital art (realistic textures), Greek mythology
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Echoes of the past
No description
From just a THIS!
...and this is what happens when you do a bit more fooling around:) The possibilities are endless...
A Festive Occasion
Let there be color...!
...and there really IS:D
A Treat for Summer
No description
What lies beneath...
Nothing but a bunch of nonsensical shapes of course;)
Earthly Pleasure
No description
Gold Obsession
There are many shades of gold...Part 2 in my gold series !
Simple pleasures
No description
Wild about Sumo!
My gallery just wouldn't be complete without a special tribute to Sumo:)
A slice of paradise
No description
A Place In Time
No description
An ancient relic
A time gone by...
A Walk on the wild side 2
Full view recommended.
Dream in blue
Like the title says...
Cresselia contest
No description
I Dream of Textures 1
Come one, come all...
(A) Wonderful Life!
For some reason, this song kept playing in my head as I was doing the finishing touches on this one - "It's a...
Mystical Wonders 5
No description
I Dream of Textures 4
No description
This magic moment 2
When magic mixes with rainbows!
Full bloom
Just for the heck of it, I decided to try this one too:D (See what great potential your work has with just a bit more ma...
A perfect world
If only it were true...
Mystical Wonders 9
No description
An amazing find
No description
A Feeling of forboding
No description
A moment of solitude
No description
Ode to sumo
Thanks sumo community, for inspiring me to do this:)
Mystical Wonders 3
No description
A Moment So Precious
Every moment should be treasured but some are more precious than others...
Some Kind of Wonderful
No description
A Thing of Beauty
Version 2
Rock Solid
Textured background
Let's get technical...
No description
A galactic discovery
Trying to overcome my laziness:P
Dark Ceremony
On a slightly "Darker" note...
Night Heat
A burning feeling...
A golden moment
Part of my "Gold" series
Sweet Bliss
"Sweet" Series
Unknown force
A force unlike any other...
Long life and happiness
Wanted to do some more work on this but Sumo wouldn't let me...go figure grrr Thought I'd still post it anyway...
More Texture Fun
Might still do a bit more fooling around with this one but not too much...:p
Texture fun 3
Just having fun...again^^
I dream of textures 2
Please open in full view
Tearing apart at the seams
Please open in full view otherwise colors appear to be dulled.
Strange happenings
No description
The monster within
Just made me think of a monster...
Mystical Wonders 4
Please open in full view otherwise colors appear to be "dulled".
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