gonna kill myself today...
Name:Hebron Warren
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Age:18 years
Signed:18.02.2010 05:47
Logged:01.06.2012 11:50
Interests:anime, drawing, basketball, girls, friendship, naruto, bleach, fullmetal alchimist BH
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fade (not finished)
No description
me and my brother (not finished)
my character, Chad, punching another one of my characters, Jon, in the face (not finished)
No description
No description
me profile copy
almost done
No description
Sauske tears of blood
anime, naruto,
The animated me XD
No description
Kid Morraku crying
this is when my character was 10 year old. Hes 16 in now :)
tyrone flaming check
No description
shola done
No description
Sako, Torrow, Sizue XD
No description
Falcon girl
No description
Shian X-mas
No description
kid death
No description
tv box thingy
No description
four brothers
me my brother the one in the green above me my close friend the one in the white next to me and Luke the one in the hat ...
shishuru and spoing
this character is part of my story. Her name is Shishuru. your probably wondering "y such a gory background?"...
Morraku (my charecter)
i drew this in normal paint and it was about 1year ago...yea i kno it sucks lol :T
Ichigo hallow mask
bleach, anime
head heald high
head heald high...anime
Morraku vs Sunkai.jpg
my characters about 2 fight
working on Morraku
No description
Dark sun
the sun clouds
vampire sam and me
vampire, me, pictures
my friend's drawing and i colored it
Terel gets owned by Hebron
Terel gets owned by Hebron lol fighting
color me-Done :D
No description
Neko girl
No description
Mini Comic !!!
my character getting punched da sh** out off lol
No description
Morraku's Eyes
a close up at Morraku's eyes
Black and White
my brother shaded a bit
thats my name XD
this is my first time drawing sonic on sumo paint so i hope you guys like it :)
Random kiss
morraku, my character, gets kissed for no reason by a random girl
my friend kira
No description
Morraku in action
my character morraku in action
Devil smile
drawn by my friend Pharoh and i colored it
asian gurl
not finish
Kid Morraku
i am tryna do it over hope its better than the original (not done) also his eyes are colored different for a reason. If ...
Milly Mildred
my friend drew it so i colored it (not finished)
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