I love my profile pic, its awesome ^.^
Name:Aryana Hyuga (not my real last n
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Age:16 years
Quote:"We all have one thing in common, one shared fate.... death."
Signed:12.02.2010 23:55
Logged:17.09.2010 22:10
Interests:Naruto, neji hyuga, cospaying, kingdom hearts, volcanoid, lucky star, vampire knight, chibi vampire, inuyasha, chibi's, tokyo mewmew, video games, tomb raider, akatsuki, anime, drawing, cheese, kittys, and more ^.^
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from miku miku dance XD
anime cute (re-mix)
Re made and cute :] I changed the colors :P I knw one of the cats looks green-ish, but still, it doesnt matter cause the...
sunset on the ocean
Sun, Ocean, birdies
Squiggly lines :)
Eh, I was bored, so I did this :D
Blood splatters
well, its just a bunch of blood splattered all around, who's blood? I don't know, and I don't think i wan...
Kitty go HI!
kitty waving HI to you!
Demyx rocks!
No description
konata lucky star
konata in her swimmy ring thingy and bathing suit. From episode 6 when they are at the beach. :3
my cube :)
Kanji, Destiny
japanese, kanji, Destiny
Kanji, Peace
japanese, kanji, Peace
Kanji, death w/ blood splatters
japanese, kanji, Death w/ blood splatters :P
going back
beep, beep, beep going back :P
pretty :P
Just a flower, with swirls around it
Kirby :) tee-hee, its like kirby in the desert or something like that....
swirls (originally by cindy7, but re-edited by doing wht i did :P)
Love comes and goes
love comes and goes, put the emotion is eternal :)
her husband is on cindy7's account :)
trees :)
kitty cat :P
Heyyyyyy, Its a kitty catt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEE-HEE
sharp flower with blood splatters
A pointed red and black flower with blood stains around it.
purple swirl
No description
Purple lines
No description
music :]
idk, its just a weird face
looks like someone i know... not gonna mention any names...
anime cute
No description
the Lightning thief
the lightning thief
nike shoe thing
sun like thingy
nike shoe thing
fat pikachu
No description
Kingdom Hearts Love
I did this by memory of quotes I have heard in the game. And I added other things like Sora... The key barrer and Heartl...
heartless mark
what the title says :3
nobody mark
what the title says, enjoy my fellow orgy XIII lovers!!
Konata face
lucky star yo XD
Kingdom hearts babeh!XD
the first sighting in kingdom hearts 358/2 days, when xemnas calls everybody to look at it and hes like holding his hand...
sasuke's cursed seal tattoo
ok, i have one just like this on my hip :3 and it has the other stuff thts spreading :D its cool, it stops at mah belly ...
No description
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