New drawing tablet ftw! :D
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Halloween contest image :D
Image for Avani's Halloween contest :D
The six paths of Pain
The most awesome villain of awesomeness from Naruto :3
I just tried to make some evil flames, and it worked pretty well :)
Randomness is AWESOMENESS!!!!
Mr. Puffle as a Pony for Yangyexin's contest
God, I suck at drawing hearts -.- :P
i've drawn the sharingan eye of kakashi from the anime naruto :D
This was originally supposed to be a head without face, just to test out if I could draw good hair, but my head shape wa...
My practice at hands. Goes well with reference, but at once I remove the reference I start to get the dimensions wrong.....
Predator/Slipknot thingy
I was inspired by the masks in Slipknot, but I didn't have a reference, so it turned out to look a bit like Predato...
The upcoming mob for minecraft, enderman :) I was inspired by this drawing:
Amnesia Grunt :) :)
The scary enemy from Amnesia, an awesome horror game from Frictional Games :D
As most other of my drawings, then this is just a random drawing, wich started as a mushroom, and turned out to be... A ...
No description
Angry Naruto
I'm gonna try to draw some more anime! :D
A clown
It was actually going to be santa claus, but it turned out to be a clown instead. It' looks like Buggy from One Pie...
Here's the good version, where the layers doesnt destroy the dawing -.-'
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara from Naruto ^^
Snowman to Avani's contest :)
Sokrate's dirty thoughts xD
In overall a pretty bad drawing, so it is good that the joke is the thing about this one :) And I was really satisfied ...
Abstract thing 1
I think this one is the best I've made with Photoshop, but I draw it too small, so I can't use it as wallpaper...
Abstract thing 2(My first time using Photoshop, really satisfied
My first time using photoshop. It is just a bunch og brushes :) It can also be used as wallpaper, I remembered to draw ...
Realistic Enderman
No description
Realistic Enderman
No description
This kind of failed -.-
Here's my EXTREMELY unpolished drawing for Avanis contest... I needed to finish it. I was going to add more details...
Ninjadude with a background or something liek that.
Decided to draw a little background for it also, so it wouldn't be so boring :P
Woof! Woof!
Not exactly my best drawing, but it'll do. I drew in about 2 hours in photoshop :)
Female Assassin
No description
heres one of my better pc drawn drawings, but i dont know how to do the white better :(
Untitled image
lots of joker faces xD
another eye. but i dont think it went so good this time...
same red eye as before, just done the tear canals or wathever its named better
another improwement, with shadows
Untitled image
yet another simple image,but its supposed to be flames ;)
Untitled image
My badly drawn three... But the grass is better xD
Untitled image
Smileyguy! Number 2!
A partly good drawn torch, but i'm not very pleased with the flames, that I of some reason just cant get right :(
Satanistic Star
No description
Yeah, thats me :)
Yes, this was very bad.... -.-'
No description
A troll on drugs!
You're probably thinking the same thing as me.... "WTF?!"
Angel of... Here it comes... DEATH!!! OMG!!
Ok, I really screwed up the hand(that where so good before I started coloring it :( )
A cool sketch
It's just a sketch, but I think it was cool x)
A god damn freakin awesome poster cookieman :D:D:D:D
Jayy! Its finished :D Sorry for the lack of background, but it's going to be used in a poster, so a background wou...
Omg! It cant be... But it is! JESUS!
This is epicly not random at all Jesus with snakes instead of arms because arms are boring to draw is made to get a litt...
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