Any Death Note fans who like MattxMello ( Heheh, ^_^ ) This awesome person has written some awesome fanfiction
Name:Phoebe :)
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Age:17 years
Signed:29.01.2010 16:24
Logged:22.03.2012 16:13
Interests:Art, reading mangas, watching animes, etc ;D
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Emo bunny in woods
As you may already know, I didn't create the bunny. I just cut it out and put it on a woods background on Paint Sho...
I kinda drew this with the DVD case of Avatar in my hand and the computer mouse in the other :P Hope everyone likes it, ...
Cute Kitty Chii
Reference used.
Cat eye
Squeaky my cat
Well she was my cat, but she ran away last year :'( I love her very much, and just know that she has been taken in ...
Did this for Demeter cause I was bored.
This must be art
Pelboy said! Lol, this picture relates to Pelboy's quote: "Just stick a tail and some ears on it aaaaaand it&#...
Silvertail Halloween pic
Finished, yay! ^_^ for Silvertail's Halloween slideshow thingy :P
Bluey da bunny needs help!
Bluey (my new fursona, appearing in my "bunny signing into hotel" pic) really wants a new picture of her to us...
Gothic steps
A picture I took in Bodnant gardens edited.
Good/bad cat
Finished! For Tigershadow's cat contest:
This isn't what you think!
For ContestDude's contest. Haha, my Watchover Voodoo doll doesn't like me does she? Well, the reason this h...
Emo Muffin
For 141043 Hope ya like it! If you want it re-doing let me know :D
Tribal Cat
Traced off paper, scanned, and coloured on sumo. This. Took. FOREVER!!! Yes I know it's already out on the interne...
Angry Louis
HE'S ANGRY!!! AT SOMETHING!!! NOT QUITE SURE WHAT!!! ARGH!!! XD This is my version of Mark Crilley's Angry ...
Going on my hols.
Tomorrow, on 14th of August, I am going on holiday with my grandparents. So I won't be on SumoPaint for a while :&#...
Xmas desktop
No description
Biscuit being cute
Sorry for the quality, my ipod has a crappy camera.
Beyond the limit.
Haven't been on Sumo in AGES so I thought'd I'd upload something, ^_^ I've really gotten into anime...
Ten past twelve
Emo bunny clock
Heaven's storm
It was originally meant to be just feathers falling from the clouds. But whilst looking for good brushes, I saw the ligh...
for Bunnygirl's Doctor Who contest :) Used a reference pic for basic outline:
My liccle Shih-tzu pup! For ContestDude's dog contest:
This is what I do in the snow! Throw snowballs!! Haha, this is for Bunnygirl's snow contest: http://www.sumopaint.c...
Forgotton Password
Bored. Again.
No-body Loves me...
aw... :'( just cause Bob here is slightly chubby, he's been left here all alone.. well, with his chocolate ba...
Cat eye -edited.
I messed with da colour balence a bit :D
Emo elmo
:D For 141043's friend :)
The dog I drew on my DSi on art academy :)
Alien bunny
for Actionsquirtle's contest:
Seven Minutes of Heaven
Just a little fanfic I made about Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist. The _______ is where you insert your name :) No sexual co...
Ed Elric Sketch
Random drawing I did in the middle of the night.. :3
"where'd everyone go? wait a minute, where'd everyTHING go?!"
This was when I was feeling a little more depressed than usual. I'm not explaining why though..
Emokitty starter pic
emokitty, i know you havent got the hang of sumo yet, so if you want, you can use this as your profile pic until you can...
Bubbles and Scruffy Bunn - Silvertail Contest entry
Finally done! I'm sorry its a bit crap and is a bit plain. This is a contest entry for silvertail's contest.
Taylor2's Animal Contest Entry
It was too hard for me to colour because it was a scanned sketch. The circle in the sky is a moon by the way if you hadn...
Rainbow ribbon
For Kyannes's Rainbow Contest!
for Bunnygirl's Doctor Who contest :) Used a reference pic for basic outline:
I'm bored.
Taylor Swift
Using that Avatar Wambie :D I think she suits being a brunette with green eyes lol
Rose Reflection
For ContestDude's contest:
Birthday Hedgehog cake!!!
This is my mum's birthday cake, it's a hedgehog! And no, you can't have any, before you ask lol, it'...
You are...
My dad!
Hehe! :P
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