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does anyone think i should upload any recent drawings
comet the
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Age:19 years
Quote:""Bless me with the leaf off of the tree, on it i see the freedom reign, we are falling""
Signed:21.01.2010 14:22
Logged:16.04.2012 13:33
Interests:Drawing, Video Games , The Tales of Series, Smash Bros. Series (im unbeatable by most people), various Manga, and Anime, MUSIC XDD oh and beat em ups
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Flareon christmas
This is just something I drew for someone around Christmas :DD she loved it hahaha but after a while it's cuteness ...
A collab but the main people are FoxtailTakeru and Inkdweller, all i did was the crappy small pup and background, FoxTai...
My New OC, umm i made him when my cousins dared me to try to make a bishonen character and this is as close as i could T...
Trapped in a world without color
"As life goes on the colors of this world just seems to fade" that was my thought when i colored this picture...
Tao Haiku
You are a meatbun Taokaka is hungry You are her next meal probably gonna color it soon muahahahahahaha XP hope u g...
AT: Dante's day
An art trade i have with Winter12 :DD hope you like it This drawing is basically her OC Dante Rosen and my OC Cristal ...
Don't Stare At Me
This is Winter12's OC Keeran Nyx, he is gloomy and very shy so i drew him trying to get people to avoid staring at ...
Lucas and Claus
The Ending of Mother 3 is sooo sad i had to draw what happened before ^^ hope you all like it
OCT: Levo vs Martin 1
My OC Levo vs Phoenixwrite's OC Martin the first page in my comic of them Levo was headed to his next class after ...
Happy Thanksgiving
something I drew for thanksgiving :D or fall in general its my OC Cristal using her reality bending powers to cause t...
Comet aslepp
Just one of my OC's (Comet the Fox) sleeping shh dont bother him
OC Wallpaper
i drew this because i was bored and now its my new desktop wallpaper :3 hahaha i love Cristal in the corner hahaha
DWMA Front Door
Welcome to the DWMA, Death Weapon and Meister Academy. lol these are my top 7 Soul Eater characters
Everybody's Gay for Bridget
Bridget the world's cutest anime BOY ever!!! :DD its true, don't believe me go to google images and look up &q...
ok umm this pic is an art trade i have with taki ^^ hope u like it but the coloring kinda sucked T^T sorry and i couldn&...
My OC Mystic I redid her at first she had a green shirt with orange stripes at the end but i changed it to cyanish beca...
Eye Candy
My Oc Shikon for my sis in what i'd like to call "eye candy mode" Eye candy is when something is nice to...
Name: Geist Powers: Speed, quiet and stealth Bio: Having known Comet since they were young the two have become unseper...
AT: Lost introvert
this is an AT i did with Taki hope u like both of these characters are introverts usually My Oc Alexandrite i just walk...
Splice the Fox
another of my OC's Splice the Fox, his weapon Mizu makes it rain wherever he is, so he hates his weapon
Celia (Icela)
one of my OC's with her scythe named Piolet
Lullabye of a Snow Mountain
I drew this because i was bored and i liked Winter12's new OC Cael (the one in the top hat) and down there in the c...
Shikon (sadness)
For a sadness contest by archeangel :DD hahaha hope you guys like and this will also be a redraw for an old OC Name: Sh...
Sharp, Sweet and Lost
name: Alexandrite (pronounced "al-ex-an-drit" Gender: Female Organization: Armas Race: Arabian Power: man...
Cristal asleep
Another of My OC's sleeping her name is Cristal she is Comet's younger sister she is a bunnycat
this is my submission to FoxTailTakeru's Contest Name: Raylight He is a humanoid shaped zombie, he has claws th...
In The City
My Oc Klairth, Klarth(male)/Klair(female) is a thief who has an obsession with jewels and as for gender, well his looks ...
My favorite Pokemon
These are some of my all-time favorite pokemons :DD hahahaha
Absol christmas
:DD merry christmas from me and my Absol :DD XDD hope you like it (btw its supposed to be a shiny absol not a normal on...
Midnight Blissed Comet
Comet after being hit by a "Midnight Bliss" (an attack which turns guys into girls and girls into even...
Alexandrite and Splice remeniscing (mispelled i think) about when Alexandrite was found passed out in the desert (for mo...
Celia v Trima
two of my OC's Celia (currently Icela, and on right) and Trima (on Left) these two are siblings from the same trib...
Cristal and Comet
XDD Cristal turned Comet into a little mixture between a fox and cat hahahahahahah
Icela (Celia)
Celia (Icela) the Porcupine looking for her brother to take his weapon her weapons name is called "Piolet"
Happy Halloween
My OC Cristal in a halloween costume (aww isn't she adorable) XDD but i like this one
Acerbus Contest
read the image for contest and the deadline is the 18th or 20 i havent decided yet, if you make a drawing give me a link...
comet id
not by me
what the!?
What the heck!? Comet is in a game :DD i was surprised when i saw this guy it looks just like Comet :DD hahahahah
Icela or Celia
This is Celia or is it Icela...but either way it is them but younger
Two sides of Lobo
This is Lobo Lobo has his hat but if u take it away he goes berserk, it helps calm him down XP
Alone memoirs
Lobo alone in the Forest of Memoirs, but for what reason, what with that look in his eyes, is it all just a facade O.o
Geist running
exactly what it says on the title XP or so i tried to do, to kinda give a full body view ok he's running like th...
its the dexters from that cartoon network show, dexters laboratory xP i was reading the powerpuff girls doujin (don...
Lobo the Wolf training under a waterfall, his favorite place to train
Christmas Bunnyboy
haha i got bored so its a late christmas drawiing
this is a headshot of one of my OC's Aqua as a human haha hope you all like it
Jade the Necromancer
Jade the Necromancer from Tales of the Abyss haha he's one of my favorite characters too
Ninja on roof
Just some random Ninja standing on roof staring at the path
Just a lot of my OC's there are five or six i didn't draw here but im going to draw them soon
Lobo younger
My OC Lobo when he was younger in the rain laying down in a field
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