Residence:you little stalker you... ^u^
Age:17 years
Quote:"pancakeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss.... now im done here..."
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Logged:01.06.2012 16:01
Interests:oh, so many things i could list... but it would be a big list... only consisting of video games and anime
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"imma gunna hug u!!!!"... lol i luvz him!! XD
my new fursona (thats just for fun).... ya i know HES exsteamly girly... and i hate almost all girly things, u can trust...
lunar gaze
wow... i think this is the first time i feel completely proud of how hikari-wolf came out... but of course there are sti...
my how radiant you are in moon light my dear.
remake of an earlierr pic i made... no ref used, took 2 days
Purple lady ;3
somethin' i drew in my free time. i was hopin' for the black to come out better to help the white space, but i...
this piece i made because i felt like making samples for my book. i am very pleased wiith the outcome but i wish i did s...
well im pleased with his out come... especially that its the first pic of him ive made... hes my fave character on dbz.....
the main character for my story "legacy". she is much like "Aang" from "Avatar: the last airben...
Celty (durarara!!) ----------- *REPOST* ---------
this id a pic i forgot to upload... from like.... i dunno, 5 months ago... and i thought there was too much going on, an...
tada! herp, derp... this one was a pain to make, but whatever, its done. lawl. any way, this chick is a protagonist for ...
Hinata sketch
made this a month ago, but was too lazy to get my fat ass to upload it... i guess i like how it came out, i hardly used ...
to metalaura... u'v been one of my greatest friends on sumo laura. and i feel like im not returning the favor. ...
soooo... long story short i tried something new for the shading (as u could see) i tried to get it closer to cell shadin...
its been a while, so decided to make my little kitty, saphire again lol. i forgot how fun it is to really use cell shadi...
bleh; well, tried something new with some one old. and i just realized that this is the first pic of hikari in her human...
for kira's contest
eh, looks better with color, but whatev' ;)
the 3 vigilantes
*vigilante-- A member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without leg...
the predator
new assassins creed oc 'anna'... THIS TOOK FRIGGIN FOREVER!!!...... anyway, some mistakes, but covered the wor...
hikari and thomas!
i thought it was about time i drew them together! :3
wolf thomas
No description
origonally for a contest kira had started, but then i realised she wanted it in black and white... so im posting both! ^...
legacy sketch
the beggining sketch of hikari for my story, "legacy"
herp derp. randomness... no real explanation... took only a few hours... i think it looks stupid... you know the usual.....
to dream of a place, now so forgotten
...herp... finished 5/25/2012---- not too much to say, again... bored as derp... howevah'--- enjoy! ;) -----------...
my oc from assassins creed. *dont worry i'll make a better pic of her later...* she's for a fan-fic ive been t...
in the light of day
finished 5/25/2012--- *if some of you didnt know* its a pic of my oldest OC Hikari. got bored... with boredom comes crap...
in a blaze
*dont no why but felt like naming it that...* well... no idea where the chick came from, but i guess my mind just decide...
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