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Big News, apparently. xD
Name:- j u l i a -
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Residence:Anywhere, everywhere, always
Age:15 years
Quote:"If I could be who you wanted all the time..."
Signed:28.12.2009 07:07
Logged:01.06.2012 23:23
Interests:Music, other art, life~ ♥
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Imitation Saturn
:D The ring took forever to get right. One part of it is still badly messed up from that Free Transform tool. >.>
Bright Flares
*cough* I'm lazy *cough* [edit] HOW in the world did this get so many faves?! :o
The most awesome color-changing lightning bolt ever. :P
Just Love
Flame! Again! XD I had to take a snapshot because it wouldn't save correctly. >:U
This took a lot of work. :P Made with a program called Flame. :)
Random Poster-Thingy
Boredom like this doesn't come often.
Dry Ice
No description
No description
Rainbow Swirl
I like this swirl. :)
Sculpture 2
Another 3d creation.
Cake Error Message
Okay I had no ideas. XD ...So people will stop asking, I made this with Atomsmasher. c:
Playing with 3D effects and making lighting effects.
Another Random Poster Thingy
I HAD to make a sequel to it. The original was begging for it. Sorry if it's impossible to read. I tried my best, a...
Neon 2
No description
No description
Multicolor Swirl
No description
Lights On The Tree
More flares. :D
More Incendia swirls >P> Made with the fractal program Incendia.
The Machine
Let's see if I can make something decent with Steampunk brushes. The 'Ring Ring' took forever. xD Why ...
Font is Angelic War.
Cup of Water
No description
Gears of Life
Inspired by a recent poem I wrote. X3
I know it's just a simple background... but idk -- I kinda like this one. O_o
Threading Light
Brushing up on flares once again. :T Even though I know this isn't going to get as much attention as Bright Flares,...
No description
Inspired by all of Elizad's beautiful tree pics. :D
Itsy Bitsy Spider
No description
Made on another site and uploaded here.
o.e Second entry?
An explosion...?
Neon 3
Neon 1 and 2 can be found in my gallery. :)
Love of the Sea
No description
- Gemstone -
... Flower brush twirl + paint splatters = Dream .o.
Fire and Water
No description
Andromeda's Gift
o3o Oh yeah more planets. :"D
The Shelves
This took a bunch of layers. :P
No description
~ Golden Rivers ~
The colors were such a pain with this one >:T
- Crystallized Paintbrush -
Trying out backgrounds :)
No description
Ornaments and Symmetry
No description
Homemade Ice Cream
No description
No description
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