oh hey. Sorry I haven't uploaded here in YEARS but this account is really old and has a lot of old... shitty art. So if you still have some interest to my stuff my DA is I stilll might upload woofs but you'll see a lot more fresher art there.
Name:Abby the terrible II
Residence:the floor
Age:2014 years
Signed:28.12.2009 03:09
Logged:01.06.2012 02:05
Interests:obvious stuff like drawing, original characters, movies, suits and uniforms, musiccccc, shorts, appropriate swearing, tumblr, reddit, and fixing/working on my current style.
Images:5 (public images)
Favorites:52 (for user's images)

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my babby
Big exto skeleton dragon
never to be finished. Ayyy an upload from me, how kawaii.
From the mist
a monster that was born from mist, created to devour all those who had done wrong. It see's all of you, your past a...
husky/wolf thing. Some practice on animals I guess? I think he looks like a cute stocky little fella
birds of paradise
eye how creative. Yep more uploading ahurhrurhur
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