Name:Tóta, I guess?
Age:17 years
Quote:"A strangerīs just a friend you havenīt met :D (but he might be a pervert)"
Signed:19.12.2009 01:16
Logged:28.05.2012 15:33
Interests:drawing..... .reading and being with friends, music, cooking and baking, psychology, ... . and tons more.
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mew mew~ : 3
lol, don ask why I drew that. I don really know myself.....# ^ ^ # I just felt like drawing cats, but I suck at doing a...
don't try to run away, because it will hunt you down.
it looks better in real life, I can promise you that.
golden locks ( ???)
a.......kind of a tribute to my friend eve, who moved away to another country last year :'( (I miss her so much!!) ...
blue-eyed blondie
I drew it in real life, and edited it here,
plastic beach
Q:what band just gave out the album? guess. I took the picture of the girl in photobooth, and re-colored her, did the...
my friends and their iPods
from left to right; awesome iPod, whale (a.k.a Vala a.k.a ) sara (a.k.a readmuch) me (a.k.a melachanolic) rose (a.k.a ro...
having fun re-doing and coloring this....yep, you guessed it. I am supercalifragilisticallyexpoillydociusly bored.
Look away
Just having fun with the awesome tools :) her eyes are cal poly comona green.Isn't that a fun name? should I get...
for Nintendo inc
No description
the world is yours to create - sketch
the girl in the picture is actually me. now I have to go do science homwork. yaaaaaay..
four-eyes boy
something I drew a while ago. the shadings are so messed up, I know!! it´s better in real, promise!
blowin in the wind
No description
No description
there's a starman waiting in the sky he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'll blowour minds -...
a Caribbean cruise
a doodle I drew. :) one of the rare timesI color my pictures.
HA ha, humor. I'm just doing a quick doodle before I go to sleep. Inspired by a random convesation between me and D...
Golden brown
and this is the most randomshit background you ever saw, isn't it?
random background alert! I feltjolly while drawing the girl, I was listening to a ramntic song while drrawing the backg...
just some pretty basic eyes.....I was bored, as usual. Still a COMPLETE amateur
No description
sketch #4
No description
what does one do when one has an artist block? one draws a smiley person.
My zodiac sign is aerial. Stupid bugs, I hate them. :(
Braids are hard to draw, did you know that?
Colors of your imagination
I was listening to this song, and one part of it is 'So wake me up, 'cause I must be dreaming I can'...
when I thinnk of angels......
I pretty proud of this OvO if you can see it,the thing by their feet is their sea. and if youe thinking about it, yes, ...
what if...?
I was thinking 'what if all those send-this-to-10-more-pages-or-you-die chainmails were really true? what would hap...
for Nintendo's contest. I like her hair :3
If I was in Alice in wonderland
I'd be the white rabbit. I'm always on the last minute with everything and always late. x)
Rainbow Lights
Random art! The redhead's eyes stare into your soul. Chrrrrrrrrristmassssh is comiiiiing....!! I can&...
Lion's roar
Lol, how random is that? It took me.. two hours, about. Ugh. She's supposed to be blowing trouch her fingers, that&...
bloody hell
I enjoy drawing twisted things. : ) I is weird.
old style
just a quick doodle, people! sorry, I was kinda in a hurry. drew it in real life, by the way. (only the girl) the dress ...
get the hint.
For god's sake, I don't like to be touched!! GET THE HINT! oh, and that's my teacher, touching me. I don...
J'aime Paris
When I think of France, This is exactly what I think; Autumny colors, cigarette holder (the kind that cruella DeVille us...
done with a LAPTOP MOUSE, because I can't find my regular one x( I'm sorry about the crappy quality of every s...
I was at the nurse's for a checkup, and apparently, I might need glasses. Just for reading, though, not for everyda...
So little time
Picture is rushed due to lack of time. Sorry pplz. Still haven´t found my mouse, but I snuck into my Grandma´...
sumo group pic 2
the sumowrestlers in front of/next to/above each person is their color (or how I think they are) the purple-pink one is ...
don cry anymore
Ilove the layer effects and all that stuff! ~ <3 I actually intended this as a self-portrait, but it doesn look one b...
it supposed to be spring here, all I see is rain x( (yes, I was bored. the darkness-hazel eyes lyrics down below.) ...
yuki fanart
for yangie (yangyexin)
looks like a storm is coming
I dunno really. xD I just bored, and the weather sucks. I on summer vacation and it rains!!! how sucky is that?!
don't do it
Raaaaaaandom tiiiime!
I rarely show it one my face when I'm annoyed, sad, etc. If you really want to see how I feel, look at my hands. Th...
a shoulder to cry on
she don't have it :(
And I was like;
I talk with my hands a lot, like most people from our nation. This may be a sliiight exaggeration. may color later.
It's all Blue
Who hasn't held a marble to their eye and looked inside? Who, I ask you, who?
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