What do you call it when Justin Bieber has sex with a woman? Well it's not going to happen so I don't see the point in giving this a name.
Name:Teeny Twinnie
Residence:Hell in a Hand Basket
Age:18 years
Quote:"Why must you be a fake ass liar.....why...I thought i could trust you.."
Signed:05.12.2009 02:53
Logged:02.06.2012 02:41
Interests: my dearly beloved and amazing friends < 3
Images:1704 (public images)
Favorites:6081 (for user's images)

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PSHHH see what goes on in my head when ppl say Cute now D|
Sumo Cats
from left to right*pokeprincess,me,ninjapretzels,NekoPheonix,5Mandy5,Lolzzzman,Angellova,Yuna-san,CartoonFace,MetaLaura,...
Monster Punjun
No description
Squirtle and charmander
poison dragon (chibi)
No description
Maluchai is a shadow sorcerer able to controll the lives and fate of the living
This is my newest gijinka :D evan..i just made this after i got a mantyke oc eue
Star power
me ninjapretzels and neko found a star and i will gain its power TO DESTROY ALL WHO STAND IN MY WAY exept my freinds :D
Me again
that statement is true
Shadow test
I was bored so i drew this thing and tried out shadows =3
Happy 4th
To all my freinds on sumo HAPPY 4th OF july ^ ^
Martin and Sunny
An arttrade with Jake1-2 Idk why sunny doesent look happy CB maybe because shes not used to being around t-rexes CB
Cactuh the magic indestructable cactus
He is foundin the hottest desert in the world .u. and those who crash into him and survive get a wish :3
Azcetic Cat :D
Idk :3 Just a cattt :D
cherry lemon and iceberry flavored jello |D
A collab on iscribble with my buddy Blue :DDDD these are our pokemon >U in love YAY
BFF postcard
|3 ya zennies idea~ a wonderfull collab :D
A character i made up in school :D
My freinds names painted on my wall
Of course only a smeargle can do that (ok thats all the names i could fit in there Honestly my handwriting sucks that mu...
Zevix the master of tricks pt 1
skipping intros and cutting to the comic itself (cuz evryone usually stops after the intros)
A bunch of freinds
THis isnt a freind picture :3 just saying to those of u who think it is i didnt mean to confuse u ^^;
Just because your evil doesent mean you cant love
A collab with Twitchyfox |D Shadow lugiassss~<3 <3 <3 :3
Damon kitty
Meow ima chubbeh kitty .3.
I drew her in school today >|D shes a custom animal furry...species...thingie...called a Mo-nak a rabbit ish foxlike...
This is mythical Rodent :D
She be a vampire
Ten-a's doll and best freind Mr.stitches
For schmoos cute monster contest c:
Audino and Sewaddle
For Melones contest :D yes i know its not the best but i tried .u. Refrenses were used
Day and Night
No description
I was tagged
No description
My first Flame Drawing :D
Theres Somehting i drew under this mess IF u can figure out what it is and WHEre it is at u get a request
Kirby X3
Drawin on iscribble in a random board
Momoko and Connor
A collab with Princess pokegirl :3 Her oc Momoko (i think thats her name oAo) and my Oc Connor :D
No description
Drew this in school todaaay |3 i bet you all know wich pokeon is wich :3..oh look some of me :u
i changed myself up c:
Hello best friend
woop ArtTrade done along with One request only 8 more to go and ima free boy! ;w;
they taste like rainbows~
Giroro From the anime Keroro Gunso! for ninjapretzels contest
lvl up comic
for adelas contest
Hoppip at the mercy of the wind
for kaylagails contest :3
Chesure Cat
one of my many roles in me and my freinds spoof of alice in wonderland |D chesure was actually the first person the alic...
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