Meh. Obsessed with 2 anime at the moment- Death Note and Bleach.
Name:Sicheng Zeng
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Age:16 years
Quote:"Finish what you start. "
Signed:03.12.2009 15:50
Logged:06.03.2012 22:25
Interests:Volleyball, reading, writing, WOLVES and DRAGONS, go, piano, drawing
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Wolf Eye My best imitation. Not really that good, took me awhile. Pelboy...
I'm not sure what it is... well anyway, I'm a really slow drawer so I've been working on this for a while...
Black and White
This is the same picture as my pic Wolf Eye, except it's black and white. I won't say it's better. It...
Ninetailedfox eyeballed
Drew with a normal pencil.
Kit Fox
It turned out pretty good, I think. Critisism welcome and stuff. I like this one better than the other. Sketched on pape...
Yeah, so he's a character of mine, from a temporarily stopped story- Quiver.
A sketch with a normal number two pencil.
Happy early Hunukkah people! This is for a project I'm dong in SS. It's due in two days, so....
Hate grass.
Pen Marks
100% Sumo. Just some random fish, done the traditional chinese brush painting way, but instead with the ink brush.
I drew this on the bus with a reference cause I was bored... I'm going to color it in and give it an outline. A...
Unnamed thing
Anyone want to name? It's some kind of bone covering it's face. Ignore the writing. And I made it up randomly...
I wonder.
SS project- part one- Christian holidays (Christmas)
Just a random quick thing. 100% sumopaint.
There's writing in the bottom left corner.
The front of a card for the SS project I have.
Book Cover
WIP- It's a cover for my math book. Anyone recognise the writing style?
Broken Rain Done
My club on marapets. What do you think? Kinda quick, messy, but the best I can do for now, so I'm happy. Please com...
No description
Kinda Done
No description
Broken Rain- my AWESOME club
I would really like some tips on drawing better lightning...
just another thing for Broken Rain. I would LOVE tips and stuff like that!
Sun Plate
I think. Not really sure... Just fun with filters! And lighting.
Dusk Plate
Again, kind of. Opposite of other, though this kinda looks more like a huge wall painting.
Go Board!!!
My favorite game!!! Love it! And it definitely pones chess. Completely. ^^ Comments please. I want to see if anyone else...
Help Me!!!
Please read it... I honestly don't know...
First OC
Can someone help me name it? I drew it in pencil, and then my scanner messed it up. It's a race that can shift it&...
Does anyone know how to crop?!?
For a friend.
No description
An hourglass with something entertwining it. 100% sumo + tablet.
A request that's so very very late.
This project I'm doing- just the basic placements and stuff.
This project I'm doing- just the basic placements and stuff.
Book Cover- test
WIP- It's a cover for my math book. Anyone recognise the writing style?
French HW
Title says all. It's the base writing for a photo album.
French HW2
Same thing
French HW4
ext. exxt. ext.
No description
No description
Science Project
Don't ask.
No description
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