Pokemon 1953
I cleaned up my account. I went from around 360 pics to 191. That makes a big difference...
Residence:0000 Box outside your house ~USA
Age:16 years
Quote:"This water doesn't taste purified!"
Signed:21.11.2009 01:29
Logged:13.05.2012 16:36
Interests:Skiing, reading, drawing/art, anime and manga, and flute as well as a little piano and guitar ./' ./'
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Mountain Side
It took a long time but i did it! By the way, I didn't mean for it to be super realistic. It's supposed to be ...
Pokemon Drawings 1
These took me a LLLOOONNNGGG time 2 do. Please fave!
Angry Carrots Attack!
I thought this would get a lot of views.
Me Playing the Flute
its my oc Allie! i really do play the flute just so you know. i think it has such a sweet and soothing melody. anyway, i...
The Angry Carrot and His Son
the carrot stories continue... stay tuned 4 more... i like typing the ...s! so ......................................
Shiny Cyndaquil
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! My fav Pokemon EVER!
Pokemon Drawings 2
No description
Mew Ichigo
omg!!!!! this took me hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours! please tell me you li...
A Dark Snowy Night
Once upon a time, a little girl set off on a dark, snowy, night...
Sumo Swirl
No description
Ichigo (Zoey) at Cafe Mew Mew!
This character is from tokyo mew mew! totally <3 tokyo mew mew!
The Sea
i just got bored and this is what i thought of
Me as a Pokemon Trainer
This is a drawing I did when I got bored. I might add a backround later. I think that when I have a pencil in my hand an...
Two Nidoran in Love
thinkin of tons of pokemon couples where the male and female look pretty different.
My Dream Poke Party
Let's see... description... description... OH! I KNOW! : "Description: No Description" 'cause I'...
Pretty much Johto trainer card (Pokemon)
almost everything is from Johto
If I were a Pokemon Trainer
finally finished except for color! for galixia's contest! these are <b >SOME</b > of my fave pokemon! b...
this isnt my friend pic. if you arent on here, it doesnt mean you arent my friend, i just ran out of room! the people in...
Finch and a Feeder
i <3 birdies!!!!!!!!
Me and "Secret"
This went from meaning something to me, to meaning nothing to me. Darn you >o< But I still have all my friends!
Contest everyone will enjoy!
Please enter my contest! The theme is favorite anything! If u use sumthing off the internet, u will b diqualified and u ...
My House on Christmas Eve
This took me exactly 1 and 1/2hr to do. The longest part was making the bars across the fireplace, but now the pic is fi...
Lexi (Shmoolover165)
Shmoolover for her contest!!!! I drew this then uploaded it to touch it up and add color!
Evolution eevees and lapras trainer card
i have all of these on platinum including the badges
Girl in Pink (4 Ccoo's contest)
This took me exactly 2hrs and 5 mins straight 2 complete this so please like this and its supposed 2 look like its made ...
iPod Gift Card
the first to tell me what the pic is, ill give you a fave.
Ichigo/Zoey and Alto/Aruto/Ryou/Elliot
this is the drawing i was working on a lot yesterday
Natalie and Gracie Castings (NOW CLOSED)
<b >Characters with pre-picked names:</b > Natalie: Me with my OC Pokey Gracie...
My dream trainer card
made at
blur flower
used the blur tool A LOT!
Over 100 pics!
Thank you everyone who has supported me.
My almost dream trainer card
make ur own at
No description
Peace Love and...
No description
Rainbow Backround
you can remix all you want! i give you permission!
Tokyo Mew Mew Collage
i was showing my brother how to make a collage and i decided to keep going... I so remember Ichigo and Kisshu moments! I...
Mountain and Lake
Me and My Dogs
That is a picture of me if you wanted to know what I look like. On the left is my dog, Abbey. On the right is my dog Sox...
It took about 10-20 minutes to draw this.
Poke Ball
Go Pokemon
dull flower
dull flower
Fave a Pic and Get a Fave Back
everytime u fave 1 of my pics i will fave 1 of urs
Shiny and legendary trainer card
all shiny and legendary pokemon
Sinnoh Trainer Card
pokemon from sinnoh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Light or Dark
a poem by Pokemon 1953
The Carrot and Tomato Become Friends.
This idea was mainly thought of by my friend Drafter947 so visit her profile some time. She thought of the idea and I ma...
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