Okay... This time I think I have it. IVE FOUND A STYLE FOR SURE I THINK! Lolz I change my mind too much, Oh well. >:D Il try and upload a pic!
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Ichigo - Bleach.png
Haha this is my first atempt to draw ichigo but i got bored so i tried to make it a tad funneh!
Okami wolf
amaterasu <3
took 12hrs to doo
My first ever attempt to draw L from deathnote
seems pritty good seeing as i am only 12 years old
Light Yagami
Everyone i present to u... Light Yagami..... Rofl Yagami backwards.... imagay.... BAHAHAHHA!
Ichigo :)
took me a couple of hours to do... woot woot done a background! please comment ;)
L Angel
took quite some time and i just got impatient so i couldnt be botherd to do the background
Ive finaly finsished this picture of kaito ( the vocaloid ) took quite some time but here it is... please coomment :)
Anime Girl
....... COMMENT NAO >.>
Angel guy
ehhehehe its not finished yet... hope to finish it soon...
drawn on iscribble with a mouse
Akane Makoto
This is a nice version of him ... :D wanted to keep the first one simple! woot woot a new name! Dont be suprised if he l...
Primal Night Fire
Ever wondered what comes inbetween life and death? Try asking Primal Night Fire he might just show you... He literally t...
Nero and dante
No description
LOL i luv this expression as i draw it alot xD
Rin chibi
a quick picture or rin (vocaloid) as a chibi :D
sorry lol i had to do it xD makes perfect sence! comment plz :D
L angel
took quite some time and i just got impatient so i couldnt be botherd to do the background... Plz comment
Wolf demon
This did not turn out how i wanted O.o... is it just me or do u think my imaganation is quiet disturbing xD i wuvs mah w...
A basic hand :/
please comment, i love comments :D...
Ichigo non release
isnt finished yet... i know ive messed the sword up... YAYZ NEATNESS! will take like a month i recon xD
Key guardian :D took 3 hrs
- not finished -
For Gelidwolf1997*
thanks for letting me use ur character :) hope ya like how it looks ... ^-^
Zero-kun [not finished ]
i wanted a break from colouring gakupo so why not draw zero <3
Akane Makoto
This is akane a bit older (16)... He grew away from his friends and became lonely, his friends saw him as a outcast... A...
Kaito vocaloid [not finished]
oh i doo love kaito <3 hes mah fave vocaloid... Your mine Kaito! *fan girl squeel*
Gakupo again
yet anuther fail atempt of drawing gakupo lol
nero dmc4
Kaito vocaloid [not finished]
I loves mah kaito <3 this 1 has a bit more detail
Gakupo [not finished]
<3 gakupo -fan girl scream- lolz
Gosh that was odd O.o
I was randomly doodling and i seem to keep drawing the same person >.>
Gakupo Schiffer
Blahh Blahh Blahhh same as the old one but with a background! read the old one if u want a description xD
A random wolf
lol this is the first good atempt of drawing a wolf xD comment :)
gahh cant draw with mouse! done on sumopaint
Random elf girl/ profile pic
i tried to draw a elf girl whilst in school ( DARN I CANT DRAW WITH A MOUSE!) ehhehehe well here it is!
Nero face
-not finished- ;A; this has taken 7 hrs so far and the skil still looks too soft!!!!!!!
Yes I know I fail
I havent drawn in a while but I tried out a new style and here it is
Lauren John
neko picture of a school girl
No description
rearing horse
No description
Ive finaly almost finished this picture
after quite a while its finaly finished!
Cat girl :D
i really need help with drawing backgrounds cuz i suck
Gakupo Schiffer
i knew it had to come to this but how! I never thought even once that anyone would mix Ulquiorra and Gakupo but... It ha...
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