FFFFF Why have I abandoned Sumo?
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Age:17 years
Quote:""There are clouds in the ceiling!.... Oh,wait,they're gone D:""
Signed:29.10.2009 16:03
Logged:30.04.2012 21:17
Interests:Squirrels! :D
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No description
It speaks for itslef. 8]
perry the pelboy
For Pelboy. His name is Perry, and this is a Platypus, who's name is also Perry. The platypus is a part of a popul...
My life is NOT average
Introducing my new comic series, which I may or may not continue, "My life is NOT average"! Here it features ...
my life is not average 2
Me and my friend Zoe, playing a game about a zombie apocolypse. XD
It speaks for itself
SO, I can't think of a title, because,really, what title could Iput on something like this? It's a classic typ...
Cheshire cat
My Cheshire cat all colored and nice. :) And now I added a background. :O
little me!
Ha ha! This is supposed to be me as a young girl, probably 3 or 4. :D
Sumo group pic (Sorta) XD
SO... I drew some of my friends, all banding together to protect Kira from a n00b. :3 Hope you enjoy it! (Please full v...
Pervert penguins girlfriend
ninjapretzels10's pervert penguin should have a girlfriend, I said. So I made him one! ^-^
Twilight fan girl-BEWARE
Bahahahaaaa! XD
Najika chan! <3
Najika from Kitchen Princess! For Ninjapretzels10's contest! :D It took FOREVER! But I lovelovelovelovelovvveeee ...
Fox chibi
Candy Land
Hey, hopes you like this uber cuteness. :D Hey, do you guys think I should try to do cheap commissions for these type of...
A picture of a horse I drew~
Pained angel
My scanner wants you all to hate me. >.< Some of the shading looks like crap through the scanner. Ah, well. Abou...
Doll Face
A doll who was given some soul, But is still fragile, and breakable. If a human touches her heart, it may indeed BREAK....
Poor Ponto...D: For Frizzy&amp;#039;s GENDER BENDER contest :D
Little girl digital, and colored!
Not the best coloring job, but this is my digital version of my little girl picture! ^-^ Feedback would be AWESOME! =O
Najika chan inked
No description
my life is average 3
lol, that is my sister, Bri, on my head, and my friend Piffy telling me it's not a good idea.. XD
XD New style trying outness
Digital painting practice
Digital painting practice. FFFFWUH D: Not how I wanted it, but oh well.
Taylor Swift
I did it on top of a picture of her on SUmo. After I painted it, I erased her from the picture and kept my painting , an...
Liv hates monkeys
Hahaahhaaaa. SO, I drew this pic for my friend Liv, who hates, and is scared of, monkeys. SHe is now using it as her pro...
SO I drew this, and apparentally, lately,this is what I look like..... Everyone for the past month or two has been like ...
He&#039;s a mad murderer. He&#039;s pretty cool, if you ignore the whole murdering thing I mentioned.The madness...
No description
Entry for puppieluver's contest
Worked on this all day, Hope you like it! ^-^
this is what happens when I get bored, and have left a finished image up in sumo... XD
unfinished sketchs :O Updated1
Heres a Zebra i made. :)
Angel girl colored
line art by Deidarasempai ! Thanks!
I dream of stars...
I tried a sketchy style, using the pencil tool. :o This is a young girl, daydreaming of being a big movie star. This on...
Tarath OC
Tarath, left behind by her parents when little, often reverts to this position to hold herself together. She can actuall...
Undead bride
ANother OC. SHe was murdered on her wedding day, by her fiance. She lies in wait, haunting him for his entire existence....
Apple Orchard
I made this completely in sumopaint, it took about 30 minuytes to an hour. I&#039;d like to know what you think.
The little sunny girl :3
Spontaniously made :3 I started doodling the hair, then I made this out of it :DDDD
His name is Ponto! :3
CHECK IT. XP Probably on of my best, I used some more shading and some highliting. Not much highlighting, but I&#039...
Finished, and title-less
She's developing into an OC, whoever she is :O
It's late and I'm tired
This is sort of me, except probably a huge chunk prettier YAY
Little girl
This is one of my earlier drawings, and probably my favorite. It's a little messy, and it;s darker on the computer...
My friends.
I'm just so grateful. :3 *Is teary eyed*
Chinese girl
I used some shading! :D This took me 5 STINKING HOURS! D: It was fun though, and I'm really happy with the results...
Alice is the red queen
One iof my bigger projects :] At first, I thought her eyes looked weird, than I realized it was just because of all the ...
AC girl
This was made for AC girl! :)
Bunny girl
For some reason, some pencil shavings got on the drawing.... *Pokes specks and odd dots near neck and arm* Feedback ple...
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