Night dragon
well.. this sucks lol. Im on an internet stick that only allows browsing... Im able to draw on certain sites but not here. i open and its blank :( So that means im unable to upload anything i draw for the time being
Name:The Dragon Thomas
Age:20 years
Quote:"Life is a curse and yet it is a gift. Make use of it while you have it."
Signed:22.10.2009 15:49
Logged:16.12.2011 12:45
Interests:Dragons, Dragons and yes more Dragons. Also i love to try and find out how the myth became so real. They must of existed once a long time ago
Images:55 (public images)
Favorites:476 (for user's images)

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pencil drawing
This took me ages but i have finaly done it what do you think
got bored in classes what do you think
The Fractured Life Of Winter
One of my best using sumo symatry i quite like it. what about u
ice dragon scales
Done the scales and the extras. tell me what you think
tiger dragon
I have decided to do a bit of a cross breed. insted of the scales i did striped. please coment on what you think
Iscribble dragons
Me and 2 frends on iscribble made a picture together. what do you think
Alibino Dragon
Randomness but a request by someone
My dragon almost done tello me what u think
Destiny's Creatures
Some say the old creatures of the past are gone now. How did they go and were they as great and powerful as people predi...
A new picture for me. I have drawn a wolf but a refernce was used. what do you think
Me and frends
Somefrends from sumo and others from scribble. done with 9 others. please comment. Even with my best friend on scribble ...
The Old Times
no one knows exactly how they were. we only know little but this was a picture for the past. All done on iscribble tim...
Just trying out tools. looks very good
Me and a freind did this together. it was a lot of fun. i hope you enjoy
The fractured soul of a dragon
A remix but it is very differnt from the original
The sleeper
Dedicated to Ellee One of my best sumo friends. always there with her great comments and favs and her help. Thank you. H...
dragon hunt
Just a bit added to the pic. what do you think
The eldar
Old text speaks of a dragon named as the eldar who lead the dragons to saftey when humans attacked
Ice dragon
My newest dragon. hand frozen in ice looking lonely. all please coment on this pic. took a lot of hours to draw. i will ...
christmas has come
the owl is the sprit of christmas
Rose in the ice
No description
Lazarus and Ricket
this was fun. a colab me and Aw3s0mn3ss did together. he did the wolf and i did a dragon. segments were reltivly equal a...
You will be after this. all the confusion in the world and you just want to jump right in
Dragon Eye
I remixed the eye a bit to make it more. well more like an eye. hope you like it
Angels and Dragons.
Me and another great freind called SarahBeara5 on iscribble did work together. Both did the work. She did the human sha...
Zombie fun
you know childern always ask to go to the funfairs. well similar thing happend here. But with zombies XD Lol yep.... mor...
Negitive ice
No description
The finshed dragon
Done. took more than a day with my best freind on scribble Kuro-Kat. i did 40% overall and she did 60%. please comment a...
A freinds pic
Me and Norain did this picture together. he did his wolf i did my dragon. we both did the scenery. i hope you like it
a char i made. all in iscribble but this was a tester.... done with mouse from a while ago
The Darkness Of Love
No description
The power of a curse. never let it consume you
Watch out
There are dragon sprits about.
The angelic dragon
Tiger dragon in colour. i have added some colour and i am still working on it. Time taken. 1hour 54minuets 18 seconds.
Winston churchill
A little art project for ict (i dont take art) a referance picture wass used too. all i used was a dry brush size 3
baldys mind
No description
The darkness
The never ending darkness. can you see the end or even the light
The wrath of life
never underestimate life. it is always full of surprises just around the corner.
Sands of time. A request off Skeletalspawn a very good friend.
My freind wanted me to remix this picture he took in his halo game he was playing. i tink the remix went well (ish) tell...
Okay. the picture did not work very well so i have tried to sharpen it and changed the contrast without much success. ev...
dragon on i scribble
Me DragonOfArt and Kuro-Kat on i scribble making a dragon together. NOT FINISHED but a preview of whats to come
Dark dragon. Dragon adopters
This is a remix. THEY ALLOW IT Just for the sumo moderator
volcamo. landscape
well. this was only a quiick bit of work. took around 30 minuets to use for a image to place on top. Could not draw at t...
something new
This is a random mess around with the sumo paint itself insted of drawing. plese tell me what you think
Dragon head
No description
The Colours are not even able to escape its grasp but they do however give it a form people can see
They are always thier ever changing. everyone always has a secret at heart. Be careful of who you share it to
World war 2 bomber
A quick drawing again. same tools used from winston churchill
hehe bunneh
you always got to be carefull when around toys and dolls. you never know what may happen. I had a huge amount of fun do...
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