Just chillin' in a squishy chair, making scribbles and labeling them art :)
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Quote:"Si Obesi Salsicca!!"
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Interests:I really like to draw, read and write. Music is another big one and I really like being out in nature :) My favorite TV show is Adventure Time and my (current) favorite songs are... . too many to list!! :)
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Stop staring!
Wow, thanks for all the favorites everyone! I really appreciate them :D
Drew it all this morning. It modeled the girl after me when I'm one of my 'blissfully unaware' moods ; o ...
For Littlemissartsy's conest. Yes, these are the same stairs in the second R-chan picture (Waiting at the Stairs or...
"i love you"
Awwww! I think this might be my most favorite (?) pic that I've done so far. It actually turned out ok. I like the ...
Balloon Bunny
As requested by Sweetlily14 for the contest! Bunny: Am I flying...? XD
The ORIGINAL Toobles!
This was the first ever picture of Toobles EVER! :D
Sky Princess
Done on iPad app Sketchbook Pro. At first, this was kinda gonna look like her hair was blowing in the wind and she was s...
I have no idea why I'm doing this... it's just a random picture full of quotes. Use as a backround!! It's...
Fangirls rejoice!! A character from my book :D
A tribute to Neko Pheonix, to randomess! X3
Cloud Watching
Request from Yangyexin (Yang-chan! Yangomangoes! Yang-a-doodle!) He's a magical fox... with WINGS! XD
I actually took time to draw this one! This is Pollux. He's a character from my book. He's the one that looks ...
Camera Shy
At first, it was kinda supposed to be like the roses from Alice in Wonderland but it didn't really work... XP (Pict...
NinjaPretzels, the cooler version
lol, If I were really cool and as pretty as this picture, that would be me. ^^
Akatsuki Type-Form
Aren't they adorable? Special thanks to Kiyomi (Gaaras Girl) for showing these cuties to me! :D ^^
Yay! This is my totally, completely spoiled dog named Angel (she was a rescue dog, we bought her about a year and a half...
What's shakin' bacon?
Yay! This is a picture of Lolzzzman (right) a piece of bacon (left) and me (middle) shaking around cuz we're AWESOM...
Ahhh! I drew this because I was bored... next will be a BUNNY!! :D
Onigiri Plush
Hahaha lol! Isn't it cute? The pop tab is to show how big it is. Made out of felt and thread, as requested by Kirao...
Butterfly Kiss
I'm not sure... it didn't turn out the way I thought it would. But, enjoy anyway! ^-^
I Wuv You
Something I made just to make. I'm not sure why I made him, but I was in the car with our iPad and I was super bore...
Happy Onigiri
:3 Happpppyyyyyyyyy! lol XD
Sumo Paint Group Photo!!
Yay!! It's finally done! :D This took about a week (way to long for what it should have taken me, I procrastinated)...
Yay! This didn't take long, which is good. As requested by Dadomo! For you, Drake! :D ^^
Nose Bleed
lol This is Sparta! X3
Goustav Fanart
OMG, IT'S GOUSTAV!! For Demeter! XD
Call me Hana
I was browsing Deviantart (and before you DA fans out there attack me, no, I don't have an account. Sorry!) when I ...
The Dynamo Potato!
For Egsems123's super hero contest. Agian, I'm sorry this took so long! Ahhh! I owe you so much, egsems! DX
Happy Kawaii
OMG! SUPER CUTE! Wow, I just realized I'm better at drawing un-realistic cute animals than I am actual anime people...
I named her Emiko because it means smiling child. Her hand is so blurry because it's supposed to be really close to...
The Many Faces of Toobles
Toobles is the little cutie from my pic "I Wuv You". As requested, from SparrowVine (she asked me to make her ...
Toobles! I just can't seem to stop drawing this adorable little creature... XD! Toobles LOVES YOOUUU!! :D
I keep trying to make a boy fangirls will faint for (kinda a wannabe Yuki, lol XD) but it's not really working. Shi...
Another tablet attempt. Really random :) Felt like doodling.......
A princess in her castle...? Hmm... something like that. When I drew this, I was thinking of Beauty and the beast (hence...
For Ragmar12345, a request. I hope you like it :) You said springtime activities, and I figured going for walks would be...
Waiting in the Rain
For Yangyexin's Rain Contest! XD Hope you like it, Yang-chan! ^o^ Waiting in the rain Hoping to be remembered ...
Girl Chibi
Made 100% iPad app Sketchbook Pro! I think she's cute :)
Close Up Eye
Everyone seems to be doing these really close up eyes, to one day (the beginning of June, I think...) I thought, Hey, wh...
Something New
This.... is true art. Just kidding. Seriously, don't favorite this. xD
For Yangy! Sorry, I couldn't include Gramps, Chiya, Finley, or you. Yuki took up all of it!! xDD
I named her Natsuko because it means Summer Child and she reminds me of summer.
Waiting in the Wind
It's supposed to be me, but I don't know... I got kinda bored with this one. Yeah, ok. Hope you like it! :D
Pervert Penguin
lol, idk, it was fun to draw the shadow though. XD
Cute, sort of....
Just some little girl. Took longer than it should have, but still... I kinda grew fond of it while picking out the diffe...
Yes, during the period between when I took a break from sumo and returned today, I grew a passion for Alpacas. Not llama...
It's me!! I tried to not use outlines, but it was really difficult... I'm proud of the eyes and hair though :)
New Look
I always see people drawing this kind of style, and I've grown really fond of it :) The person is supposed to be me...
Friend's Bday Present
hehehe. She thinks cows are like the most amazing animals ever. :)
Collar Girl
I drew her because I was really wanting to draw something and too lazy to grab a pencil and paper. lol I like her collar
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