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Name:Marina ;)
Residence:Im not gonna tell u!
Age:16 years
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Like loads of stars
I planed 2 draw a model, and finnished wiv a barbie. g8!
My experiment gone wrong
whoo! Well i wanted it 2 be snowflake patterns, not a carpet, but it doesn't look bad as a carpet.
The eye
Erm...This is not just any eye, its a green eye!!
Another eye
An eye. What can i say.
No description
Paper Clips
I got the paper clips in the sphere from googole images. Just experimenting.
Girly sphere
I am not mega girly but i had a sudden urge 2 draw soming girly then!
Neon Sphere
Remix here from gloopzoop!
Autunm (howeva u spell it)
So plain but kwl (ish)
Filter madness
No description
Typical name!
Mini outfits
FINNISHED!!!!!!!!! All i need 2 do now is colour it!
Freak show!
I am getting the hang filters now. Whoo!
Untitled image!!!
No descrption of the description
It takes skill to trip over flat surfaces :P
Well, yeah, it does xD Thanks Mizi!
Pit of doom in colour
It was dark and evil but ive enlightened it and now it isn't so evil!
A big swilry thing with flowers
Erm.... The title sortta describes t.
A futuristic depiction of the world if worms took over.....
No description
Seriously cant be bothered to finish colouring this, if anyone wants to, feel free to do so! :)
oohh..makes me feel dizzy :)
Dragon Remix
Still in progress
Ichigo 4 sumopaint (just started)
My little friend is taken from this video at 0:48 to 0:49 precisely.
In progress
Name suggestions anyone?
Doodles <3
A drawring i did with meena7
No description
:) I love this guy!!!
Naruto Lost in Thought
Well this literally took me ages and ive finally finished! :)
if anyone wants to finish her, cuz ive given up :(
I traced most of this from a foto (turned into more anime-ish) and coloured on SAI
In an Icecream Parlor on a Sunday Afternoon.jpg
Well, this was for an icecream lineart competition on devaintart. Feel free tocolour, but can ou please give me credit. ...
Random Girl Lineart
Feel free to colour but please tell me when your done so i can see it :)
This is me practicing a new way of drawring, using sai pencil tool with a lower stability. Its not the best, but its a s...
Bianchi (1.8.11).jpg
No description
Rosabella (5.8.11).jpg
Lol this is for a devainart comp, but im doing the backround on sumo...
Devainart comp entry
:) lol more details on my account here:
Improvement meme
I drew each day for 2 months and one week and thats how ive improved not bad, me thinks. :)
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