Hey guys, i kind of feel like being a bit more active on here, so i going to add all my new art from now on also on here, tell me what you guys think of my newer art ;3
Name:Katie or Aiko
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:on the internet
Age:17 years
Quote:"hello there, may i steal your oc, i mean make you some FAN.ART."
Signed:08.10.2009 16:00
Logged:22.05.2012 22:17
Interests:Drawing, pokemon, Vocaloid, UTAU, japanese and american music, pokemon black, going to anime conventions, cosplaying, cute stuff, getting commissions, my bbfs
Images:301 (public images)
Favorites:2051 (for user's images)

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nyan nyan cat
this is one of the few times i will draw an animal
chibi pikachu
No description
yay im done i think theres miku, teto, and neru
fav my pics or else
if u dont fave this pic this pichu will kill u, with all my other pokemon (this is a joke, im kidding, there not gonn...
friend pic ^w^
its my 100th pic and im sory if i forgot anyone i squeezed as many into it as possible and here they are top to bottm l...
eeveelution contest entry
i made this pokemon up last september so now i made a better version its name is loveon o mai gosh this is the mo...
friend pic!!! < 3
well i finally completed it! i tried to put as many friends in it as i could think of, i purposely left myself and da...
North Italy chibi
X3 hes sooo cute!
No description
my transformation with Heart ^w^
this is a picture for the comic i am still making
all of my gaurdian characters
the purple cat i drew badly -m- here are the names for them: shaymini, Angi...
My Oshawott (Damonchi~ ;u;)
another lineless picture .u.
pokemon trainer
for galaxia's pokemon trainer contest
Asako Chie
No description
hatsune miku
i drew this on ms paint
Chibi Miku (lineless)
late valentines day pic ^^; srry
cute shaymin
this is for pokemon1953 contest
kasane teto
No description
Aiko Chou
my new UTAU
Asako and Aaron
requested by Asako778 Asako is Asako778's Aaron is Anika778's Art is mine i liked making the background
hatsune miku
No description
Lolli-tan .:Gift Art:.
some gift art for xxLollivampire
Triple Baka (redrawn)
I drew a pic of these three (miku, teto, neru) last year and I wanted to redraw them because my old drawing got way more...
Akari Gift Art
Akari requested me to draw her oc Anika and i wrote "in japanese" Akari and Chibi Akari I used Copic Markers...
this is for the watter contest
for dadomo
i worked on this for many hours ok, especally the background it took forever so could you please favorite this
pokemon black and white. (chibi
i was bored and damonchi isnt replying so i was lazy and used the crayon tool on sai to make this
my entry for Melone's pokemon contest
theres a swadloon and a whimsicott pokemon (c) nintendo art (c) me lol when i first found a swadloon in my pokemon ...
pokemonnoi's request
i am getting better at drawing every time i draw an image .u.
My Gardian Character
an example 4 the contest
say cheese
requested by trixforkids
realistic eye
in art class we learned ho to draw a realistic eye and i am way better at drawing it on paper but i decided to draw one ...
reshiram gijinka
i really liked drawing this, i had fun drawing the hair and skin ^^
I miss u
my reshiram gijinka misses her bf who is a zekrom gijinka
i luv this movie < 3
Pika Me
(o^w^o) *cute pikachu face*
No description
this is my new oc, she is a gijinka (a pokemon in human form) kukiko means snow in japanese, and she is a froslass gijin...
No description
Aiko Chou (chibi manga book style).png
(made by using manga art studio) i just doodled it, only took about 10 minutes to make
galaxia's request
No description
Mateasa and Victor
i meant to upload this awhile ago ................. well im not that good at drawing pokemon, im much better at gijinkas
aiko pokemon trainer reference
its amazing how my pokemon team has changed since last night =u=;
KittyKake21's request.
No description
this is my first ever commission
my mew picture
No description
true form comic
this is 4 dadomo's contest about true forms
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