Hey... I'm a singer on YT... The "visit users website" leads to my dA, which in turn leads to my YT.
Name:Renee DeWitt
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:Your basement
Age:16 years
Quote:"I don't need anger management, I NEED people to stop GETTING ON MY NERVES."
Signed:30.09.2009 20:32
Logged:28.05.2012 15:43
Interests:God, Jesus, Family, Gakuen Alice, Mermaid Melody, Coloring, Drawing, Singing...
Images:205 (public images)
Favorites:321 (for user's images)

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Ruby Mermaid (AKA Me in Mermaid Form)
I uploaded the image from Google, colored it with paint, and used the shading and highlights with gimp. The sparks came ...
I thought the picture looked empty, so I gave her wings, and then I colored it. I think I did pretty good on this one. M...
I only colored this her is teh link:
Ruby Pearl Voice
Just finished. Quick 1 hour coloring is all.
Cats and Dogs
I know it's fuzzy! I uploaded it from my computer. I just love how the cat is chewing its paw! The dog is cute beca...
Singer in mah story. She is a VERY major character in my story, but, I'm not going to spoil it for you.
My first (successfull) line art
my first line art was ruined when I colored it...
Mew Mew Ichigo
For ninjapretzels contest!!!
How to Make Microwave Cake
It tastes REALLY good.
Vocaloid Felicia
For Sireine's Vocaloid Contest. I'm pretty proud of this one
For a contest I have entered!!!
School Girl
I colored the regular colors on paint, but used shading and highlights on gimp.
Here Comes The Bride
All Prettied Up In Her Dress
This is Rin a Neko Cat Girl of my imagination. For Mimi-chan-chan's contest.
<b> Hibiki </b> This is the new Hibiki. She is now older than Hotaru. Her age now is 14. I had to giv...
Anime girl at the beach
I remixed this picture for my friend Koalalue, because she wanted an awesome profile picture. Please do not take this pi...
More sumo friends who are awesome
Koalalue, Susiron, Rorripoppu, Melacholic, LittleMissArtsy, Angellova, Northstar, Bigot
My Idol Costume
Nintendo inc is nice enough to draw me with my idol costume on! THANK YOU NINTENDO INC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Crazy Hair Line Art
Remix if u wish. It is freakin 6AM and I didn't go to sleep. New record!
In the Forest
This is for Shivali's nature contest.
Hahuri Fujioka for 13thLife
A request. had to do it in paint, AGAIN!!!
I don't feel like coming up with a description for her just me out here, Sumoers.
For Katie. Sorry it turned out terribly!!! Please forgive me!!!
Gangsta Sita
Gangsta Sita. What the people audience have in their hands are crappy tomatoes. Good luck, Sita!! (You need it.) O.O
Hinata WIP
Gotta finish this later, gotta go . 12/15/10 MESSY COLORING!
Touin Rina
I got lazy....
Amy Rose's Long Lost Sister!!!
Her name is.... I can't think of any thing.... please give me some ideas..
Crying With the Wind
It takes you tears to a far off place.
I only colored (AGAIN). Heres the link:
Hibiki and Hotaru Drawing
Hibiki is the older one and Hotaru is the younger one. In their princess dresses. Hibiki is princess of the moon and Hot...
No description
No description
No description
BLONDE!!! =3
My first line art!
This is my first line art and I did all of this by hand!!! This is an acomplishment for me!
Ayako Hime Chan
Another (yes, another) original picture by . Feel free to color! :D ^^
Nanami Day Dreaming
She has just finished her latest drawing and needs ideas on what to draw next... Don&#039;t fret, she&#039;s not...
Awesome People
These are only some awesome people...I will make some more because I couldn't fit everyone!!!
I like WAFFLES!!!
Original:Ninja Pretzels10 Remix:Me
:3 I think I did a fair job remixing this one.
I like cat girls.
I made the dress longer, got rid of the mid drift, and made the back ground glow.
100th pic
Demeter, Patty123, Nintendo inc, Ninjapretzels10, Hyperfan7, Amazingly Sweet, Princess Poke Girl, 13th Life
Sailor Star
For Nintendo Incs contest!
For MGammer5's contest!!!! I love Hinata from Naruto.( NOT LITERALLY!!!) She is adorable, can kick your ass, and lo...
Stickfigure Ninja
Do you see him? No? Well played, Ninja, well played.
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