i'm getting the hang of drawing with a mouse....still sucky drawings tho...
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Long cat.
No description
Long Cat.2
No description
Nine tailed Jinchuuriki Naruto
I watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. this is FAN ART!!! Wee hoo! lolz
I colored it!!!
this was not originally by me. i was first titled 'please color it' so i did! you can re-color it if you like.
Ocean Wind
This was all done with the fill tool
No description
Burntstar And Graybite
made this for an RP
Warrior Cat Firestar
Firestar is the current leader of Thunderclan. This may be a spoiler if you haven't gotten past Bluestar's dea...
Warrior Cat Spottedleaf (Starclan)
Spottedlaef in Starclan form crying over her clan's grielf. She has been killed by Clawface, and Thunderlan, her fa...
Evil Cat Eyes
i got bored....
i drew this in real life. i just drew it again with amouse.
Firestar says HAI!!!!
lolz!!! i think firestar had to many cookies!!!!
Medicine Cat And Warrior
Vipermist (lleft) is the tom medicine cat of Islandclan. Islandwave (right) is the leaders daughter and will one day bec...
Islandstar ~ Islandclan's noble leader.png
Islandstar is the leader of Islandclan. Here, she is waiting for her clan to assemble while she stands on the High Branc...
Spottedpelt the Kind
made this for a friend
Vipermist and Islandwave
this wasn't originally by me. I just found it and thought i would change the color and they title. THANK YOU WHOEVE...
Emeraldstorm and the Prophecy
i just got bored....
Not sure.....
i got bored. u can changed the color if u want. idc
I'm not sure...
I have no idea why i made this. i just thought it would be cool.
lol, just thought i'd make this little guy to be funny.
No description
i made this by accident. and i love it....
Untitled image
No description
Tigerstar in the Fog
Tigerstar is one bad cat! So i made him evilly smiling and his amber eyes showing through the fog
Viperstar's Advice Center
made for an Advice Center
Minnowkit's Dream
No description
Dragon Clan Camp
made this for an RP
made this for a friend
Viperstar's Advice Center!!
made for an advice center
Advertise You Creations!!!
made this for a forum
No description
made for an RP
Sunclan Camp
Made for and RP
for school
The Noble Briarclan
No description
this is a pic of ShadowedRock. it's my version of PrideRock. This is also for a role play so..yeah
for a role play
No description
No description
Accident 2
No description
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