XD Nvm im gonna still be alive
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Residence:The unova region
Age:17 years
Quote:"and so life goes on into neverending darkness."
Signed:21.09.2009 23:34
Logged:04.03.2012 19:00
Interests:I am an 8th grader at the unova pokemon school. Ilove to catch zoroarks. i am hanging from my death on top of a giant building in huin city. not.
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my freind made this his name is chris you probably know that.
Madarao profile picture
im actually getting pretty good at drawing rate and vote.
surprise surprise
tell me if you like it or not.
thx chris!
a facebook made this for me after i commented about his character!
they look the same yeah this was a game ill post real pictures i made later.
No description
Untitled image
No description
drawn in pencil not traced.
voltaire attire
i thought id put my facebook profile pictur here tel me what yout hink?
Untitled image
No description
My contest entry
Marie sue
This is one of the charecters in my manga series school only.
No description
What happens when you give foxassasin a stolen cookie
I was thinking of the youeated my cookie cat thing soi made u repsonse.
Nothing to say
Nero drawing contest
IM hosting my very first contest hope you enter :3
Not Mine.png
Lol not mine i found on roblox.
simply racist
this is a soup my dad bought. guess what it says simply asian but it was made in mexico!
derp fish.
No description
No description
No description
Howler Contest entry
No description
No description
Zorark the killer
No description
We can GAomon1
No description
just somethin.
dark vortex
No description
meesed up sharigan
No description
can you see a cat?????
No description
james cat
awsome effect right plz say its good im only a beginner
the night of the kittys
yeah i think im getting better at this.
twigs brother Fwig
go to and make an acoount.
No description
No description
No description
No description
See ya guys later
No description
The way i draw him now.
Original Foxassasin
The way i used to draw him
4 Mrslowpoke :3I Thank younw i can put it as my profile pic credit goes to you
dark vortex something
Something is coming Throu this himm this handwriting. ???? Its Mine? Oh No ITS HIM HES COMING BACK TO POSSES ME AGIAN!!!...
Foxasssins campfire
Foxassasin and the gang went camping last night and foxassain made a fire.
Gai Chi Foxassasin
Remeber when i said someone thretened me well rembe rthe hat well thats the hat Poorly Drawn O.O you see when foxassasi...
Were we went to during summer last year
We went to south padre island my mom wont let me use pictures me in it though
Charecters from my comic back side.png
The back side of my comic charecter oh yeah i forgo to mention that i drew this on apiece of paper
Charecters from my comic.png
Charecters i made in comic charecter si didnt mske were garfeild banjo and kazooie and pingu
Foxassasin never gets paid enough for trying to complte a missio
Lol Comic i made using the picture metalaura drew and a scared cat picture!
Caremel dansen foxassasin part 1
For contest :3 to bad its not good but oh well
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