Age:18 years
Quote:"My Philosophy: "Having a Plan B only means you can fail Plan A.""
Signed:18.09.2009 06:57
Logged:01.04.2012 22:31
Interests:Playing guitar, SUMOPaint
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Earth, Sun, and Moon
A beautiful rendition of our planet, the sun, and the moon with a 3D feel.
Covenant Ship Blowing Up Asteroid
Spaceship from Halo series being very mean.
Pleeeeeeeeas help me! I couldn't even finish it because it was so bad. Does anyone have any tips on drawing dragons...
just a duck
Burger Klown
No description
Island Tree
No description
Jason the Destroyer
This is my good Asian buddy!
Me Sadface
No description
J0$3 D3@D M@N
No description
This is me.
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