I see the moon... Go down... On the river...
Residence:White Zone
Age:21 years
Signed:15.09.2009 16:56
Logged:19.05.2012 02:15
Interests:Destruction that breathes Creation and the music that comes after...
Images:18 (public images)
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My entry. The initial image was good enough, it just needed some flare to make it look more complete... without actuall...
P-body & Atlas
Some fan art of Atlas (blue eye) and P-body (orange eye) from Portal 2!!! XD Protal 2, P-body, Atlas (c) Valve Corpor...
I dreamt of this once... a lanturn with an ethereal flame the hovered over a reflecting pool in its base... hung by a c...
Fetuao "Ano" Mali & Inky
This character is being used in an RP hosted by Cynder109, here be the link!!! --->[
My half of an art trade with Themangaartist, he helped me get a better picture of what my villain, Noir, would look like...
An art trade that I did with Themangaartist!!! I drew his OC Weaver in exchange he drew Spellbound for me!!! XD P.S. ...
Past and Present Luke
An art trade I did with Floweriet, she drew me Blackout, I drew here two Lukes, a presnet day Luke and the classic Luke!...
<i>"My cake... mine..."</i> the spot seems to say... but how could it? Its a spot!!!...right?
My regards
To the haters.
Sketch [Remix:Virusghost18]
I deviated from the norms with this guy. He has dark skin, dark hair, not at all savage looking, or blood covered... WHA...
In my rightful place, where i'm always happy. My Whitezone.
Inpired by the lake scene in Howl's Moving castle
Stepping Stones
Location in my NRG Deus story.
Love this character. Free, symbol, Souleater show/manga not mine. This is FAN ART!!!
Long Day
some submissions to an artists book I may be featured in... with any luck. fan art to dA's Levonn78
CoN & Arma
To those of you who know about Unknown-person, Law of Talos, Karl, Arma and the Castle of Nations... this is an attempt ...
The Absence
See you soon everyone. A pic of Kane watching the setting sun it the west...
Moon Lite Spells
100% Sumopaint App!!!
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