I so wish I had more free time to spend on Sumo. School and it's 11 week terms are beginning to be a drag. Shoot me now!!!
Residence:Norsewood, New Zealand
Age:19 years
Quote:"All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name. Now I know what it is. I love you Baby!!!"
Signed:14.09.2009 01:15
Logged:24.02.2012 04:45
Interests:archaeology, history, sumopainting, deep thinking, listening to music, being happy!!
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this is what i used as a type of...lets say....inspiration. this is a version of my cd cover for my school assignment.
squiggles in science
random drawing made during science
remixed version
Isn't he cute???!!
Pretty Pink Flower
I have no idea why I made this random flower. Guess I was just bored =O)
this is another one of my bored, spur of the moment school pics. they all suck
For all girls only!!
No description
Name-Plate Galaxy
No description
irregular planet
No description
The Frightening Truth
No description
A Blue Vision
No description
Crazy Colours
No description
Your Inner Demon
the writing inside is... "control the demon inside you and be afraid of what it can do...Beware!"
anna's drawing
No description
pretty reflection
No description
Untitled image
No description
molded flame
pretty strange, spur of the moment thing
Untitled image
No description
Random Much??
No description
Jakes Sumo Meme
have fun!
No description
school stuff
No description
No description
random twirling. not the best painting i've done
Saltwater toffee
just a stupid attempt at making a cd cover for school.
half bear, half lemur... hes a bemur!! what a crap version...
No description
my final design for my IT assignment! finally finished!!!
CD cover side
No description
Untitled image
No description
Back cover
No description
No description
bored image
No description
No description
A Quiet Night...
No description
i love this team in the Premier League. unfortunately I can't seem to get my pics right for it
Troop of Marching Men
No description
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